“strange, what being forced to slow down could do to a person.” // n. sparks

picture it, if you will:

my sweat be-socked feet are crossed at the ankles atop my coffee table. i’m wearing leggings that are overly-well-worn, the tell-tale signs of bleach stains and multiple washings making them look absolutely terrible, but positively divine to wear. covering my upper, (i was going to say ‘half’, but really it’s my two-thirds), is quite possibly the oldest dkny modal sleep-shirt, it’s been with me since before anyone ever called me mama. my eyes are starting to wander, my head is heavy with the hopefulness of sleep, and my body has turned to jelly. 

this is the end of year slump. this is when i start to slow down, glaze over, and want for nothing more than to drink cup after cup of coffee, watch (fall asleep to) movies, and allow myself to become one with my sofa.

let the countdown to the new year commence, i’ll be spending it attempting my best impersonation of a sloth.





➝ source : star-intarsia cashmere robe via chinti & parker for net-a-porter

➝ source : alba mizuki pyjamas via oliva von halle

➝ source : oversized sleep shirt via the sleep shirt

➝ source : nouba crooner silk-satin pyjama pants via eres

“i just felt like i was making people angry because i wouldn’t wear the frilly bows.” // t. birch

i’m going to dream of grosgrain.

i’m going to be finding glitter in the oddest of places for the next few months. i’ve run out of tape, and the cuts on my fingers from wrappingwrappingwrapping all the gifts –  will all be worth it. the bows are aplenty, the cards have been written, and the sentiment is always filled to burst. i love to give good gift and i like it even more when it’s all pretty and tied with a bow. and though i’ve liked to tie a ribbon on something as angular as a gift-box, i’ve never been sure about them on the body.

beautiful to look at to be sure, but i’m not so sure i want to wrap myself up in them. am i not a gift unto myself in need of a little embellishment?



➝ source : bow embellished satin duchesse jacket via marc jacobs

➝ source : pansy bow dress via sister jane

➝ source : shantung faille bow dress via carven

➝ source :  ankle boots via f-troupe

“once, i lived in an apartment with a skylight in the bathroom. every winter, it would snow through the skyline, but we got a discount because of it. // j. parsons

t’is the season to be jolly, and also the season for taking advantage of some obscenely deep discounts.

i’ve mentioned it often and rather forcefully that i am not adverse to paying full price – but when any and all formats of buying have been so extremely marked down, why not get the goods on the cheap?

be it altruism, generosity or plain want, there’s too much on rebate to pass up. so, let it be the season of giving – and receiving.




➝ source : transit curve coat via 3.1 phillip lim

➝ source : derek dress via a détacher

➝ source : deco clutch via matter matters

➝ source : serra clogs via rachel comey

“it is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.” // t. visconti

my last known dalliance with vintage was probably sometime before my 19th year – when i was going for something new in something old, and bought myself a pair of well-worn, (by whom is anybody’s guess), straight-leg, faded blue, button-fly, 501 jeans.

yet, i knew for a fact that no matter how many times i washed those dungarees, i would never be able to shake the feeling that i most certainly was walking a mile in someone else’s trousers. trust that i know how it makes me sound, but i never could quite get comfortable wearing someone else’s clothes.

granted, i’ve evolved some since then, but so has my understanding of the word vintage. i don’t take it to mean the patchouli-incensed version of old men’s flannels and jeans, but of loftier, slightly more gilded items.





➝ source : pierre cardin space age satin mini via 1st dibs

➝ source : miu miu lizard skin satin platforms via decades

➝ source : issey miyake umbrella cape via far fetch

➝ source : lanvin pendant via shrimpton couture

“beauty is ever to the lonely mind a shadow fleeting; she is never plain…” // c. morley

for all that i adore, i am steadfast and true – i’m not fickle in my resoluteness.

i am staunch in my favoritism – i like what i like, and i’m stubbornly attached to those motifs and effects that i’m either bound by necessity, nostalgia, or appetite.

what i’m not too overly attached to though is the means by which i arrive to those places i feel most securely planted. the equation is disposable, the outcome, is not. so, i try, try, and try – until i think i’ve found what it is that i’m looking for. i am the goldilocks of product, in search of a goodnight’s rest, the nudest lip, the clearest skin, the mostest of the most, etc., etc., ad infinitum.



➝ source : blotting powder perfector via becca

➝ source : nudity lip pen via nudestix

➝ source : skin balancing oil-reducing cleanser via paula’s choice

➝ source : molliderm hand cream via beauty habit

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