“we forge the chains we wear in life.” // c. dickens

i have treated my neck and my wrists with the sort of care and thought some would see fit to dedicate to their doctoral thesis.

the reasoning behind such intense deliberation is that – though i am an ardent admirer of most things silver and brass, (you’d think i’d opt for platinum and gold, but alas…), it’s a double-edged sword of necessity backed with want. i need to have chains around my neck, and solid bangles of something or other around my wrists.

the necklaces are to ward off unknown and unseen evils; the other, the solid bangles around my wrists are for protection against inherent harm, (from what?), à la wonder woman. she was all about the talisman, wasn’t she? lassos, headbands, armbands, full-on breastplates of armor. so what does it mean now that i’m putting chains around my wrists and forgoing the solid rounds of wristbands?

is my armor weakening; or better yet, have i become all powerful?



Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.04.23 PM






➝ source : eye bracelet via kenzo

➝ source : double strand bracelet via venna

➝ source : black hole sun bracelet via iosselliani

➝ source : mono-bracelet in rose gold via maria black


July 3, 2015

“i have often wanted to drown my troubles, but i can’t get my wife to go swimming.” // j. carter

it’s strange, this tentative relationship i have with the water.

i love it, but from a distance. i find it astonishing, but have absolutely no need to be a part of it. i could happily be beside it, near it, or better yet – look at it through a picture window, but i don’t want to get in it. i feel my very insignificance confronted with all that blue beneath me, and all that blue sky above me.

there’s too much muchness – and it all becomes a bit heady, and i’m afraid i’ll lose my breath — and well, breathing becomes rather difficult when surrounded with that much water.

so, if the closest i can get to a body of water, (that isn’t my bath-tub), is the local pool – i think i’ll make my acquaintance with the biddies at the Y, and try my hand at aqua-fit. i think i’ll fit right in.






➝ source : poppy maillot in flamingo print via solid & striped

➝ source : electrolight reversible swimsuit via mara hoffman

➝ source : cloudbreak one-piece via made by dawn

➝ source : the farrah neoprene swimsuit via lisa marie fernandez

“all children, except one, grow up.” // j.m. barrie

it’s not a complete fib when i say i don’t mind getting older.

i understand that what it comes down to – the nitty gritty of it all, is that it’s how you feel as opposed to how high the number climbs. it’s just that the number happens to be the only tangible part of this whole exercise. nevermind fine-lines or forgetting where the keys are.

though there are times when i feel as though everyone else my age is an actual adult – and i, whilst sniggering in the corner, is just in disguise. it’s the idea of dressing for one’s age that gives me the willies – not because i detest the stereotype of mum-jeans and sweater sets, but mostly because i believe it’s a rather archaic notion.

i can’t deny that like a little lost boy, i have a penchant for peter pan (collars) and all that might be kawaii; but getting older isn’t so bad. i mean, my kid can’t have froot loops for dinner, but i can — i’m a grown-up.








➝ source : lamé & brocade cape via a.w.a.k.e.

➝ source : peter pan collar dress via peter jensen

➝ source : comme des garçons girl gingham dress via farfetch

➝ source : 08sircus peter pan collar coat via barney’s

“when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” // f.d. roosevelt

the end of the school year is the bell that for me, has always signaled change.

i’m eons gone from any sort of school being out for summer, so other than living vicariously through them alongside the moppet, my summer is just like any other time of year; apart of course, from the inescapable feeling of time passing as quickly as light.

it’s in summer that my back feels tight in the mornings, when my mind circles like a hamster on a wheel, and when i’m most prone to twisting my stomach into knots. it’s true the heat makes me a mite crabby, but it couldn’t possibly be the reason why cinnamon pretzels seem to be calling my name, or why a knot tied somewhere on my person appeals to me so much lately, now could it?





➝ source : striped knot shirt-dress vial thakoon

➝ source : pleated knot blouse via marni

➝ source : erika cavallini semi-couture wide leg knot trousers via farfetch

➝ source : side knot dress via carven

“i have no special talent. i am only passionately curious.” // a. einstein*

i am, as the saying goes, a jack of all trades, and a master of pretty much… none.

this is not to say i don’t have a few tricks up my sleeve, and a handful of tips to share. i’m a whizz at folding a fitted sheet, i’m pretty solid at whipping up a risotto and i can wrap a gift like nobody’s business. none of these, much to my dismay, are marketable traits; alas.

of course, upon my travels through the years, (as in, aging as opposed to flights abroad), i’ve picked up a few tricks from those a bit more clever than myself.

i’ve learned that apple cider vinegar is the best multi-purpose cleanser – use it for shinier hair, whiter teeth, a happier belly, and for clearer skin. use a peach-toned matte shadow for a sheer under-eye brightener, and to cover up irritated, splotchy skin. need to retouch your liquid liner? mascara and an angled brush will do the trick. (a well-timed sneeze and a thick coat of mascara also stands in for an instant smokey eye.) lacking oomph at the crown? skip hairspray at the end of your styling sesh, and spray it at your roots while your hair is still wet and style as usual. boom – your hair will be as high as martha stewart and snoop dogg. and finally, if you had to choose just one product to save you from a plain face, opt for a nude-plum lip colour. you can get away with almost anything with one quick slick – on lips, dab a bit on your cheeks, and swipe a sheer wash of it on your eyelids, and well, you’re ready to go.

now, don’t say i never did anything for you.






➝ source : eye shadow in blanc type via mac

➝ source : witchery mascara via rouge bunny rouge

➝ source : sachajuan root lift via b-glowing

➝ source : siren lip stick in chère via vapour organic beauty

*some have shark-week. i have einstein.

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