“when the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won.” second witch, macbeth

there was a time in my life when i believed that if the salve i slapped on my face didn’t include a caustic burning sensation, it probably wasn’t worth the hassle – no pain meant no gain, so what was the point?

considering the state of my skin over the last two years or so, i’ve sensed a change drawing near. not only have i sensed it, but it’s been rather difficult to ignore the beaming red weals and welts that blaze angrily – without pattern or warning. it’s been a wild ride, this fumbling toward middle-age.

yet, throughout this drama – if there’s been one small change i’ve made for the better out of the mess that is my skin – is that i’ve made a move away from the chemical proficiency of lab-made skincare and turned a new leaf toward the potent prettiness of the natural. i hazard, if i’m going to burn, peel and perchance, renew – i’d rather opt for the sting of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and witch hazel; wouldn’t you trust those three, like the three witches of macbeth, to get your skin looking better?



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➝ source : active agent concentrate via susanne kaufmann

➝ source : the blue cocoon beauty balm via may lindstrom

➝ source : herbivore botanicals lapis facial oil via bibelot & token

➝ source : clearing serum via kypris

“three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” // b. franklin

i have come to a realization – and that is, that i am fundamentally a snoop.

in any which way, and in any sort of style – i am on a need to know basis. whether semantics call it curious, analytical, or downright intrusive – i’d like to know, pretty much anything that you’d be willing share with me. that’s the caveat though – i’d like to know only so-much that you’re amenable to tell. sure – i’ll go through your bathroom cabinets given half the chance and a little more than four ounces of wine; but since i haven’t had more than a few sips of vino since late 2008, this event is unlikely to take place ever again.

this is why i can get behind a secret. i can endorse a little something not given away, kept hidden and under-wraps for as long as need be. i’m not adverse to saying things out loud in 140 characters, or posting photos of my morning coffee, slapping a filter on it and calling it my truth.

still, it’s kind of a thrill to keep a few things unseen – i mean, who knows what kind of weird underwear you’ve got under those plain, old jeans – and isn’t keeping that on the QT just a little bit of the fun?









➝ source : crochet lace long-line bra via fleur de mal

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September 2, 2015

“i don’t work at being ordinary.” // p. mccartney

there’s a neon pink streak that runs right through me – it shares a lane with the powder-puff that resides inside of me that wells up in tears at minimum, twice a day. beneath the black liquorice veneer, i am a doughy marshmallow middle. squish me, and do i not bleed?

i am that very same person who relishes tip to toe black and would never sneer at a good pair of shit-kicking boots – that will also mew over the overtly kawaii – the pudgy penguins, the sad puppies and the anthropomorphized slices of toast that come holding hands with a carton of milk, blinking up at me with the largest of black eyes – set somewhere between shedding a tear and intense devotion.

i am the very embodiment of plato’s symposium, (people tell me alllll the time), i am one – trying to resolve two sides of myself. or, more to the point – like everyone else, i have a collection of whims that some might think are unexpected; but really, are just rather sweetly ordinary.






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“the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. it is never of any use to oneself.” // o. wilde

if i thought for even the quickest of self-centered moments – that any word, or combination thereof i’ve committed to screen would be construed as any form of advice, encouragement or persuasion; a red heat would inevitably creep into my cheeks and i’d scurry away with my tail between my legs and close up shop; or at the very least edit, edit, edit to within an inch of its digital life.

i’d be remiss if i didn’t make it clear that this has alway been an exercise in self-interest – predominantly superficial, primarily sartorial and occasionally existential – as in, my own. should anyone else find themselves hidden in between the lines, i’d be plumb thrilled, of course i would – but trust, that that’s not really been my aim. who am i anyway, to dole out advice? i can sometimes make a dinner out of a bag of cheetos.

and yet.

there comes a time in every woman’s life where she must do something she vowed never to do – and today, i have taken it upon myself to tell you what i believe to be the fundamental four – those pieces that were you to upgrade, trade, or, i apologize for this, to invest in – these would be it.

go forth and read said advice… no need to heed it, but you know, just accept that it’s happening.acnestudios




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➝ source : acne studios alden jacquard coat via totokaelo // a coat, one that makes an entrance – will travel with you forever.

➝ source : chloé hayley shoulder bag via farfetch // a perfect bag. refined, but with a slight edge. you won’t need another.

➝ source : martha scarf via shrimps // whimsical, but never twee. a sense of humor is important & you’ll be warm.

➝ source : robert clergerie irma boots via shoescribe // shit-kicking, but not a pair of doc martens. wear ’em till they fall apart.

“the obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” // k. gibran

it would be easy to assume that because i’m prone to circling the roundabout of verbosity; sometimes taking the long way to get to a point – that my tastes otherwise would lean rather far on the oblique end as well.

yet, where i’m prone to being garrulous – i like to turn the volume way down on the visibly overelaborated – and surround myself with things that are overt, clear and easily discernible. i don’t like to leave anything to doubt – mostly because if you can’t make sense of anything i’m saying, (which happens, often), everything else about me will head directly to the point – leaving no room for doubt.





➝ source : a-z rose gold pendants via monica vinader

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➝ source : shooting arrow ear jacket via pamela love

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