“i’m so glad I live in a world where there are octobers.” // l.m. montgomery

there was a brief moment earlier this week, when a chill caught me off guard.

it wasn’t anything to be concerned about – the appropriate coat was chosen, my clothing choices too, were rather sound. it was all very suitably autumnal and layered; i just about wanted to run through the leaves, arms outstretched, crushing hard on everything about october. but then there was that chill – and then it came to me, yet one more reason why the 31 days in october are the apogee of all days – it’s time friends, to replace my summer scarves, (yes, there are such things), with the warmer, cushier ones of the cooler months – and i am once again, filled with glee.





➝ source : big daddy in green & pink via charlotte simone

➝ source : yohji yamamoto contrasting stitch scarf via farfetch

➝ source : fringed woven scarf via cédric charlier

➝ source : leopard print scarf via parosh

“it has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” // a.c. doyle

a bit like stacks on stacks, i’m also a rather firm supporter of things in other things.

rather like a matryoshka, i’m keen on keeping the contents of my life in an order that descends from large to extra small. my bags are of considerable size, and yet within them you will find in declining sizes, but yet in totally chaotic states – folios, zippered pouches, snapped card-cases, and indestructible cellulose sacs that have taken on more battering than could be deemed appropriate for an accessory to bear. i’m organized to the point of being utterly muddled. i know i have everything at my disposal, i’m just not entirely sure which one of the many little carryalls holds the item i may be in search of.

i feel like this might serve as some bit of insight into my psyche.

let’s not dwell on it, let’s just continue on in my continued charm in all things you can put in much smaller things.



nahewrongforhay x bibelot token x aweebitskint

➝ source : tsumori chisato cosmic sprout make-up bag via farfetch

➝ source : two-tone leather card holders via danielle wright

➝ source : nahe general purpose case via stationery soup

➝ source : wrong for hay dot wash bag via bibelot & token

“we’ll always have paris.” // h. koch

keeping themselves until the end of all the fashion weeks, and finally putting paris to bed for some haricots verts, a gauloises to be enjoyed with a robust café – is pretty much the mic drop of the fashion world, isn’t it?

with a riot of colour, its a bon voyage and adieu, uncle karl will see you next time around with whatever iteration of chanel comes next. who knows where it’ll all go – considering teva-esque sandals, lit soles and hard-case luggage – it’s amusing to watch lagerfeld meld high kitsch with high class.

and then, there’s valentino.

prior to 2008 – it was too much red and impossibly big hair. it read dynasty – and of being stuck in 1987, roughly. now? it’s become the ideal. every season, i fall a little bit more in a bit of a sartorial, lusty haze.

okay, bye-bye now. i’m so tired of fashion shows.




chanel // valentino

images via vogue

“in seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” // w. cronkite

to wax poetic for a moment, aren’t we, as people – all just rather tall tales with twofold sides?

i’d aver a few of us have a few more sides than two and within us all lies a sybil – variety is the spice of life, so the more the merrier, let’s invite all our cohorts along for the ride. it’ll be a gas.

the thing is – i’ve always felt that as hard as nails as i’d like to come across, the crepe-soled creepers and black all the way down to my sturdiest foundation garments – the skirts and dresses that i exclusively wear, give way to the truth – that i’m actually as soft as down – and it’s not even that hard to figure it out. it’s the flip of a coin, it’s jekyl and mr. hyde, it’s girlish mod on one side, and punk on the other.

it’s giambattista valli and haider ackermann.


top row // giambattista valli

bottom row // haider ackermann

photos via vogue

“nothing happens until something moves.” // a. einstein

as of writing, it’s quarter to six on an early sunday evening, during which, has at most seen my teeth brushed, a cup of strong coffee imbibed, along with an oddly satisfying handful of sriracha coconut chips consumed; and at the very least, the clothes that i put on before bed last night, have also spent the entirety of the day on me.

i keep it classy.

these laziest days are both mostly wonderful and a smidge terrible.

i adore having a day that lies in front of us without obligation. no plans, no scheduled events, a calendar space completely devoid of entries. it’s slow and it’s familial – it’s music playing, movies watching, and dinners ordered in.

and then – at about this time, when the middle of the day arrives; when i’m overcome by an overwhelming need for sleep the moment my ass approaches a soft surface, is when a mild sense of guilt creeps in – the shoulda-woulda-couldas. and so i find myself some busywork to do – doing laundry, changing linen, and oh, is that a mirror i see before me? then the questions start.

why do i look so tired, so ashen, so dull? what has happened to my youth? what could i possibly put on my face to eradicate the sheer inertia of this day, this week, this life?






➝ source : advanced ‘a’ serum via arcona

➝ source : facial cleansing powder via rodin

➝ source : energetic eye cream via goldfaden md

➝ source : this works energy bank bath oil via net-a-porter

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