“it is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it is mostly holes.” // m.w. little

lace has forever left me a bit nonplussed.

on the one hand, i think it to be gorgeous in all its webby intricacy yet, on the other, i can’t shake it’s leaning toward either the eternally bridal (read: laughably virginal), or of the siren, (usually italian in heritage, and sophia loren in buxom gorgeousness).

the first and only time i ever wore lace, it was a cream, more than it was white, wedding dress, (because who was i kidding?) and i don’t think i’ve felt the urge to don lace either before or since. that is, of course, until lately.

of course, it’s so like me to finally come around so much later than most everyone else. it’s as if i won’t allow myself to like something wildly popular until its become pretty much commonplace.

lace has been around since before the 16th century, you would’ve thought i would’ve cottoned on to its charms an age ago.





➝ source : lace detail dress via thakoon

➝ source : night tangle lace top via day birger et mikkelsen

➝ source : marni sheer floral skirt via far fetch

➝ source : lace panel dress via vanessa bruno

“dig your well before you’re thirsty.” // s. godin

i woke up with a scratch in my throat; the cup in my bathroom was akin to imagining a desert oasis. my elbows are rough, my heels can smooth wood like sandpaper, my eyes itch and my hair is a dry mop.

though my face still has a waxy sheen, everything else has caught up with the cooler weather and i’m now dried to crisp – i am a veritable ronco dehydrator.

i need to be immersed in lotion, top to tail, and right quick. before i’m so brittle i crack the next time someone dares give me a hug.





➝ source : totally TLC hydrating mask via percy & reed

➝ source : lip delivery nutrition via intelligent nutrients

➝ source : body lotion via rahua

➝ source : perfect heels rescue balm via this works

“there is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” // m. antoinette

my modus operandi is relatively clear – at least it is my mind.

i’ve made no illusions to the fact that i’m not really about being frugal – i’m not a wastrel – i am not telling you to squander all your means for sequins and lipstick, but i’m definitely not going to say that i don’t like a bit of pretty in my life – i do, and always will.

i’d like to think, however, that there’s a bit more meaning behind the odds and ends i happen to highlight here. it’s always shaded with a personal anecdote, a rather large helping of sarcasm, and more than a fair share of self-deprecation; i mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’d find yourself in a mighty big puddle.

sometimes though, my meaning is straightforward, the desire, clear. i want something new, and i want it… now.

that would be the point of my site’s new design – it was long overdue, and well, i just adore it, (and hope you do too).

it almost has that new car smell, it’s so fresh and clean. and then, there’s the rest.

those things? well, i’m just pining away…









➝ source : a wee bit’s lovely redesign by the ever-so talented ana & brandi at blogmilk

➝ source : splattered leather satchel via proenza schouler

➝ source : hammered temple cuff via bing bang

➝ source : MM6 asymmetric hem dress via henrik vibskov

“i busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.” // s. wright

i’m not easily lead down the garden path.

though my character is pretty much defined to a T in monthly horoscopes for those whose birthdays fall between april 20th, and may 21st, and my head can sometimes be found not in the clouds, but in the stars; i’d hate to admit defeat to something as woo as mercury being in retrograde – but first, let me show you this large white flag i’m going to wave.

i surrender to whatever bad mojo i’ve incurred, whomever i crossed, and to whoever’s doorstep i breeched without twisting my fingers into a hand of figa first. i obviously did something bad – very, very bad.

and if bad comes in threes, my trifecta is up – if it started by being drenched from waist to toe in coffee, that lead to having my smart(ass) phone being stolen, to my most favoured céline sunglasses being smashed to bits by my very own car, then well, i’m frightened to think of what’s coming next.

i’m keeping my head down, (tucked deep into my oversized collar), and staying way out of trouble until the stars align and are smiling down in my favour again.

let it be soon?





➝ source : helmut lang hooded jacket via la garçonne

➝ source : herno funnel neck padded jacket via harvey nichols

➝ source : mantu coat via far fetch

➝ source : oversized sweater via marc jacobs

“i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” // f.l. hamer

living with a child is akin to having yourself steeped in a petri dish.

you’re constantly living under the threat of either becoming ill. you’ll find your defenses surrendering due to said child’s illness, and then the eventuality: your germs intermingle, you lose out on sleep, and you’re suddenly coping with a snotty super-germ-bomb that’s making its presence known through your very red nose, your dull, exhausted eyes, and a head that feels as though it could keep company with the clouds.

it’s a dangerous business, living with these sweet, little people.

that was a rather verbose way of telling you, i’m not feeling well.

having no other option but to ‘fake it till i make it‘ – i’ll have another cup of coffee, some anvil-strength ibuprofen, and a little help from some close, personal friends…




➝ source : damir doma ‘vivien’ sunglasses via mykita

➝ source : stroke of light eye brightener via bare escentuals

➝ source : textured scarf via madewell x sézane

➝ source : les chochottes balsam via co. bigelow

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