“a shirt is a dress, if you have short enough legs.” // j. kintz

there was a time in my life when studying the contents of my wardrobe seemed like a heady, essential business of living.

it was important, exhilarating stuff, standing there in my gitch – head tilted to the side, quizzically asking – who did i feel like being today? what was my mood calling for? was it girl in black with a cheeky sense of humor? or girl in black who keeps her head down and her ears to the ground, (which called for even more black on black)?

i was younger then, so i had both the time and the energy to invest in such pursuits – but now, my time is better served getting in at least thirteen more minutes of sleep, or, alternately hugging/yelling at the kid to hurry up and eat her breakfast ALREADY…

and though i’m still dedicated to my certain look, i’m also fairly devoted to saving a bit of time, and if that means investing in a little bit of ease, then so be it. a shirt dress never looked so good, or was so quick to snap on.







➝ source : lash SI tech poplin dress in black via acne

➝ source : preen line assia dress via lucky shops

➝ source : visvim lancaster dress via far fetch

➝ source : clovis dress via rachel comey


March 31, 2015

“i never get bored. there isn’t enough time in the day for me.” // f. hardy

and how could you, really – when the options are this incredibly endless?

no matter the person, no matter the style – a stripe is a stripe, and it’ll take you far.

if i were to choose, i’d be equal parts françoise and audrey, if not only for their wardrobes, but their teensy waists as well.

who’s your stripe icon?

farfetch – always an inspiration, follow the unfollowers


 [transparency : posted because i adore farfetch.com, not because i was paid to.]

“everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world.” // a. ahrendts

as the former ceo of burberry, that would be the thing to say, yet i can’t deny that she’s got a point.

you could be dressed in anything at all, from high to low street, you could run out with your jams on to walk the dog any early morning sunday, but if you’ve got a trench on – you’ve turned yourself from grubby to wonderfully european with not much else but a lapel and a belt around your waist.

but don’t be fooled, i’m not talking about a beige mac with a footie-wife plaid-lining, there’s a trench for every taste. there’s the dainty feminine, there are those that skew androgynous, those that travel for the avant-garde, and of course – the classic.

mine is a mix of modish 60s mac, but in gothic black. what’s yours?





➝ source : black bubble mesh classic trench via rad by rad hourani

➝ source : vintage chanel trench via far fetch

➝ source : tarot trench coat via minimarket

➝ source : double breasted trench coat via carven

“once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” // a. einstein

being born and raised in the great white north, and having had my eyebrows raised by sctv at an impressionable age, it occurred to me rather early on, that as canadians, we’re an odd lot. and if there was anything that i tried to be, it was as far and away from the likes of a hoser from the great white northto be very clear, i never pronounced it aboot, and i never wore plaid.

the way i saw it, plaid was the pattern of the lumberjack, the suburban hippy, and even worse – in the age of singles, it was the textile of grunge – and my mod leanings would never allow for that.

of course, i’ve broadened my horizons just a bit since the early 90s – thankfully, and though plaid is not a perennial favourite, i have been able to see the charm of it, from time to time. it’s just a bit further removed from lumberjackets and bob and doug mckenzie.





➝ source : neon plaid dress via kenzo

➝ source : sacai plaid shirt via far fetch

➝ source : layered shirt dress via mcq by mcqueen

➝ source : bleached pleated dress via sea

“to one’s enemies: “I hate myself more than you ever could.” // a. de botton

i’ve always felt that a soupçon of self-deprecation held an immense element of charm.

i don’t mind seeing the ridiculous, finding the odd, being at one with my idiosyncrasies and occasionally making light of them for show, or better yet, a laugh. i’m allowed to do that – it doesn’t mean i hate myself, (i’m looking at you, dove), or think of myself as less than. i just know that in life, when things, or more to the point, we, become a little absurd and everything goes a bit pear shaped, it’s better to be able to laugh at yourself, than make a puddle and cry.

however, there are those moments, when i am just a little puzzled by own natural reactions to things. i’m caught by a degree of chagrin, a particular sort of discomfort that comes with finding myself attracted to something (or, someone) i wouldn’t normally have ever been pulled in by. and that’s where i’m suddenly finding myself.

i like it, but i’ve never liked it before, and it’s starting to shake my very foundation…




saintlaurent➝ source : rivets flap dakotah crossbody via coach (COACH?!)

➝ source : i believe i’ve made my relative disdain for alexander wang fairly clear. if not, well, i usually can’t stand his stuff, but this blouse is rather nice. irregular pleat front top via alexander wang

➝ source : i’m not usually in on the joke with overtly tongue-in-cheek design, but i have to admit, i dig this bananas frankie satin dress via markus lupfer

➝ source : generally, i loathe what hedi slimane has done to Y/SL. the ragamuffin 80s street urchin doesn’t do much for me at all, but i wouldn’t kick this frock out of bed for eating crackers. saint laurent beaded kaftan via matches

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