Wednesday, April 16, 2014

“appearance blinds, whereas words reveal.” // o. wilde

not only can appearances blind, they can also be verily deceiving.

with all manners of maneuvers and tricks, you can be mislead to think that this alabaster skin was natural. that this blush is the tint of joy brought to the apples of cheeks – that the clarity you seek can be found on the smoothest of skins.

but, you know – if you took a close look, to my skin at least, you find all sorts of little white lies. primers, concealers, shadows and rouge – so much product to be painted on such a small canvas, that i’m distorting reality and telling lies. truth be told, in terms of my face, i’d rather be a bit more like a manet than the jackson pollock splatter i seem to be looking like now…


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.25.22 PM



➝ source : pore medic pore minish cleansing bubble via dr. jart

➝ source : clinical purifying booster via dr. gross

➝ source : supermud clearing treatment via glamglow

➝ source : the O.G. witch hazel via thayers


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“and meanwhile time goes about its immemorial work of making everyone look and feel like shit.” // m .amis

i remembered the other day, that it was decided sometime last year that i would stop aging by 365 days every year.

i would stop gaining that year until such time that i started looking my age. this is not bell being rung, since i probably should’ve taken on that approach five years earlier; when i got carded for alcohol each time i ventured to buy a bottle of wine, when most strangers would be amazed by my age when they noticed i had a child of my very own, and because i just looked and felt hale and hearty.

flash forward to the now, when just a little shy of that next birthday, it has dawned on me that i get carded less and less, that my reflection is spottier than it is in the pink, and i may very well beginning to look my age. or, if i’m not looking it, i’m feeling it.

so, what then is the benefit of growing older, you ask? it’s plain as day – it’s not having to wait to be cheered up by a gift purchased by someone else. in need of cheer, i’m going to buy myself something(s) pretty.





➝ source : sam handbag via jerome dreyfuss

 ➝ source : xeno silver bracelet via moxham

➝ source : sel marin perfume by heeley via lucky scent

➝ source : frak wedges via robert cleregie


Monday, April 14, 2014

“if you want to catch more fish, use more hooks.” // g. allen sr.

considering my taste in decor – you’d think i’d subscribe more readily to the ‘less is more’ ideal. clean lines and geometrics is where my eye stoically sits, but that’s all surface. because lurking inside every drawer, and behind every closed door creeps the secret of my excess.

better behaved than i was before, it’s not a matter of accumulation, but one of intense procrastination. i’m neat on the outside, chaotic on the inside, like some warped kids’ candy. i hate filing, i detest the idea of ‘spring cleaning’, i turn a blind eye on things that don’t interest me, until they can no longer be ignored because it’s all come falling down around me – a pile of papers, a jumble of tissue, an onslaught of coats and scarves from every-which season. and though i know at some point i’m going to have to put it all away in some tidy fashion, for now – i’ll just keep putting up hooks and hoping that they’ll bear the weight of my idling.





➝ source : dropit hooks via normann copenhangen

➝ source : hay dk gym hooks via a + r shop

➝ source : the perennial eames hang-it-all via dwr

➝ source : oyoy tippetop hooks via story north


Friday, April 11, 2014

“…a woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes.” // c. louboutin

there is some element of truth in saying that the shoes you choose, can and will say quite a bit about you.

whether kitten-heeled or stilettoed, lug or platform – your soles can whisper or shout out a little bit about your disposition. i should know, because mine fluctuate between howling like a ruffian or hopscotching and singing a tune like an eight year old. i alternate between platform-soled creepers and slip-on plimsolls. there is no in-between. if i must get gussied up, the closest thing to pretty (in my definition) would be a pair of wedges taking me up to a towering height of 5’6″ instead of my lowly 5’2″.

shoes, for me, are not what they are for a lot of women – i’ll take a handbag or lipgloss over going shoe shopping any day, as those are easy to fit, both in style and in comfort. there are so many i adore, but shoes and i, we just have a complicated relationship – i always end up hurting.





➝ source : elastic & canvas tennis shoes via bensimon

➝ source : burgundy double-sole creeper loafers via underground

➝ source : camilla skovgaard wedge sandals via shoescribe

➝ source : milo rubber sandals via acne


Thursday, April 10, 2014

“…and all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.” // s. silverstein

truth be told, i’ve got on top to toe black.

my foundation garments may be purple today, as is my wont, but, let’s face it i’m dressed in black. though the weather has become a delight; the birds have begun to chirp in the morning, and the sun glows and takes the brunt of the day to pre-heat to an intense warm (when you stay in one place, magnified by a car window, ignoring the wind) – we can finally say spring has sprung, the grass is riz…  flowers are starting to bloom, moods have become more vibrant and colour has saturated into my very skin.

i may not be so quick to wear it, but trust me, i’m feeling it – deepdeepdeep inside.





➝ source : sophie hulme mini soft envelope clutch in bright pink via door step luxury

➝ source : stella jean astrid car print dress via matches

➝ source : givenchy magnetic closure crystal studs via browns fashion

➝ source : pierre hardy sunshine yellow ballerinas via colette 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

“you can tell a lot from a person’s nails. when a life starts to unravel, they’re among the first to go.” // i. mcewan

i could have roughly a squillion physical complaints on the go, and though i’d be concerned and attempt a fix for whatever was ailing me, it would be those ones that are plainly visible that would cause me the most figurative pain. if you (the you, out there) can see it, vanity usurps internal medicine and i won’t wait for a doctor’s appointment, i’ll just try and self-medicate.

my talons have been paper-thin for as long as i can remember. no amount of moisturizer will make my cuticles smooth and chips and tears are commonplace. i wear nail polish so that i give them an extra layer of protection against daily wear (also, hi – i like blue nails) – i was wooed by shellac, but like many ex-boyfriends, i regret those cheap thrills. and so, by way of narcissism – keeping in the general direction of an avenue to health, i’m trying to get these nails of mine stronger. i mean, i’d like to be able to peel that sticker off the apple that will keep the doctor away, without my nails breaking in the process.

Dr.Hauschka Neem Nagelöl USA




➝ source : neem nail oil via dr. hauschka

➝ source : nail therapy base coat via julep

➝ source : rehydrating base coat via deborah lippmann

➝ source : ultra hydrating hand cream via trilogy


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

“the best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” // h.w. longfellow

from spending a few days in one of the most sunshiniest spots on earth, coming back to grim, gray and damp is almost a relief. when you spend so much time squinting in the sunlight, rubbing yourself down with aerospace-grade SPF and hiding between the hours of 2pm and 5 – a rainy day serves as a quick break from the relentless onslaught of blue skies and no clouds to be seen for miles.

i can’t even tell anymore when i’m being sarcastic…






➝ source : gucci viaggio cape via the corner

➝ source : dotty rain cape in blue via tsumori chisato

➝ source : olive rain cape via iva jean

➝ source : carven hooded rain cape via far fetch


Thursday, April 3, 2014

“there is shadow under this red rock…” // t.s. eliot

my legs haven’t seen the light of day since march 2013.

my toes, up until yesterday afternoon, had gone unpolished since late august. it was so cold for so long – that now that the weather is warming and the sun shines bright (on occasion), it takes a moment to adjust to not brace yourself against an icy gust.

odder still, is that sometime later today when eastern time meets pacific standard, i’ll just happen to find myself surrounded by red rocks and dust. sandals will be needed and i’ll just have to confront the heat head on. which brings me to this riddle:

what does a person whose wardrobe is essentially all black, pack for a weekend in the dusty desert?





➝ source : straw boater via asos

➝ source : dada dress via samuji

➝ source : chie mihara ebony sandals via gravity pope

➝ source : suntegrity natural mineral sunscreen via clementine fields


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

“why change? everyone has his own style. when you have found it, you should stick to it.” // a. hepburn

i’ve been hearing a lot of noise lately about a whole slew of names – of girls thought to be the next style icon(s). and i must aver, it leaves me a bit cold.

i think it may have something to do with my age. not yet a fossil, i can still recall a time when there was no such thing as a celebrity stylist, when the ‘it’ girl of the moment would brave her own wardrobe, utilizing her own sense of style – end of story. no angle, nary a designer to dress them up and no fashion police to put them down. ask me why lisa bonet is still the first name on the list of women i wanted to be when i grew up and i’ll show you hundreds of reasons why. now that i am grown, it’s those women who had a sense of self – and weren’t skittish in showing it off that made such an impression. françoise hardy, marianne faithfull, eddie monsoon - they had style. more so than any young starlet gussied up by a team of fashion sharks.

fashion is a beast, but style is a more faithful friend. it’s yours to keep, and though it may change a little through the years, though you may try something new just to find out how it feels; you’ll always know what’s yours and what isn’t, because it’ll all just fit.





➝ source : kenzo wide shirt via far fetch

➝ source : woven checkerboard miniskirt via piece d’anarchive

➝ source : jil sander brogues via shoescribe

➝ source : 3.1 phillip lim wednesday flap bag via ssense


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

“in the spring, i have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” // m. twain

truth be told, i wouldn’t have to venture much further than mark twain to supply me with every quote for this daily practice of scribbling. today’s though, seems particularly on the nose.

from the early morning to roughly half past three in the afternoon, it went from brisk winds and scarves tied tight, to sweating uncontrollably – cue me, peeling off layers of clothing in the middle of the street just to catch the breeze down my back. it was both exhilarating and puzzling all at once.

it did however, inspire the notion that it would be soon that i could wear a springy frock under a lightweight coat, shoes sans tights and be on my merry way. if it weren’t for this late-in-the-game sinus infection to remind me that last week was still winterish, i’d be as full as the joys of spring…





➝ source : chatsworth satin-trimmed dress via belstaff

➝ source : patch stripe sleeveless shirtdress via band of outsiders

➝ source : jacquemus la robe jane birken via lagarconne

➝ source : cosmo night dress via marc by marc jacobs

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