“the adornment of the body is a human need. i don’t see anything superficial about it,…” // d. lachapelle

though i joke about an overreaching superficiality – i have to admit, that i don’t really buy into the thought that appreciating clothing, design, attention-to-detail, humor, and whatever-else-that-floats-your-boat, is proof positive of one’s resolute shallowness.

that sort of thinking just doesn’t scan. much like the music one listens to, the books one chooses to read, and the words they use to express themselves – the way you choose to look – in life, in your home, on your face, and down to your tippy-tippy toes – is a crucial step toward knowing, and fully communicating who you are.

you might as well broadcast it as loud as you can – the best/worst thing that could happen, is that someone might be listening.













➝ source : women in clothes by sheila heti, heidi julavits, leanne shapton

➝ source : girl boss by sophia amoruso

➝ source : science… for her! by megan amram

➝ source : rookie yearbook edited by tavi gevinson

“i have a new philosophy. i’m only going to dread one day at a time.” // c.m. schulz

my ideal – the perfect version of a holiday, would be to be plonked right in the centre of a metropolis – in a cushy hotel, that has a veneer of grit; to be able to sleep in late, walk around slowly with a good cup of coffee, possibly shop, have gorgeous meals, and generally take it slow.

i know, i know – when it gets cold and dark, and blustery to boot, most people dream of beaches and white sand; of hazy mornings and piña coladas at 11am. i am not one of the most. but, it’s coming. i’m going to get sand in my suit and curse every little bit of brown my skin soaks up.

and though, despite myself, i’ll have a glorious time, (i love piña coladas), between now and the time i jet off into the blue, i’ll cringe in the face of wearing a swimsuit in public, find a very large hat, and hope that mrs. roper caftans are suitable daytime attire.



➝ source : black & white yorkie snap panama hat via christys

➝ source : sky frill bikini via motel

➝ source : zephyr renee kaftan via eres

➝ source : black leather slides via ancient greek sandals

“be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” // b.m. baruch

my skin is akin to a horror film.

it lulls you into a false sense of calm, and then – the music gets eerily intense, the shadows grow dark, and then you hear it – the heavy breathing of me, the blood falling out of my face, a cold sweat descends – the ax falls; the lit 10x magnifying mirror has become the cruelest, most heinous villain of all.

melodrama aside, when the seasons change, my skin doesn’t take it well, at all. it’s all discombobulated, unhappy, ill at ease, and generally spotty. it’s a fine look – if you enjoy being eternally frustrated, wondering if this is puberty all over again, part the fourteenth. and sure, i have a habit of over compensating with product, product, product – but ignore that part, just mind those that actually matter.




➝ source : coalface charcoal soap via lush

➝ source : clarifying toner via ren

➝ source : clear skin clearing treatment via paula’s choice

➝ source : blemish treatment concealer via cover fx


“even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things.” // v. vinge

the caveat with carrying a big bag, and only a big-big bag, is that when i’m in need of something daintier, and muchmuch smaller, i’m SOL.

but there’s not much that brings an eveningish look down than carrying a bag fit for a laptop, a change of shoes, and a midday meal. this is not a moment when everything and the kitchen sink will do; you’d be better served with something that comes in a petite – but packs a rather large wallop.

a minaudière needn’t be mini on élan, (je parle très bien francais); but big on impressions.

plus, i’ve heard it said, it’s not the size that counts. that’s true, right?





➝ source : gino noir grain caviar clutch via jérôme dreyfuss

➝ source : ariel georgiana clutch via anya hindmarch

➝ source : oscar solid round clutch via edie parker

➝ source : large zip pouch via madewell

“i don’t eat bubble gum, but I like the smell.” // k. lagerfeld

i quit gum when i quit smoking – and much like karl, (in this instance alone, i’m sure), i no longer give it a chew.

i like the thought of it, especially a stick of big red because, cinnamon – but it’s just not worth the effort. that burst of flavour – is just that; a quick bolt of sublime with little in return – nothing, nada, no pay out. what’s the point? and then you’re literally stuck, having no idea where to put the sticky mess because who the hell knows where that wrapper went?

the smartest way to make that piece of gum last for seven years is to wear it, no need to worry about your dental work.

vibrant, poppy, brash pieces of plastic and glass that make you pop, and it’s all sugar-free.


➝ source : moutton collet pink bulbine earrings via moda operandi

➝ source : acrylic gorgeousness via corey moranis

➝ source : scale bracelet via lizzie fortunato

➝ source : yellow necklace via nikki couppee

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