June 15, 2011

there are soooooo many fash sites out there. so many, and why i thought it would be a good idea to put my hat in the ring yet once again, is pretty much so beyond me, it’s miles and miles away. in any event, here i am, but this isn’t about me. i’m just here to extol the virtues of the one site that i think pretty much gets it right, day in and day out. refinery29 – is just plain awesome. it is the jam. it’s the only site that i faithfully read every single day, because it’s got wit, humour, swell writing and appeals to my just a little-bit-left-of-centre-ness. it’s just a plum good. go read. but, really.

check out some highlights from today:

today on refinery 29 - eddie borgo @ j.crew!


eddie borgo for j.crew jewelry collection



i love (love!) this outfit. adam resort 2012


the 20 resort looks we loved the most

okay, that’s all for singing their praises. i’m going to see what they had to say for themselves today…


all photos courtesy of


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