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June 7, 2011

there would be a few things you would know about me rather quickly if given the chance to rifle through my things.

i’m no fan of filing, as the stacks of misplaced bills, notices and magazines that live happily on my dining room table attest; i’ve got a penchant for rather large, face-obscuring sunglasses and if you ventured further into my bathroom cabinets – you’d notice that i’m a super-freak for make up. super. freak.

i’ve got too much of it, most of it i don’t even know what to do with, but it’s there, taunting me with colour, sparkle, and shine. it’s just my thing. and so, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that i’ve more than a handful of blushers that would, to the untrained eye, (read: my mother), look like they might all be the same colour, (trust me, they are so not all the same colour). i’m just looking for the right one, one to call my very own. one that i can depend on. it’s almost like finding a paramour. almost. (and yes, i use words like paramour.)

and you know what, you guys? i think i might’ve found the one. one blush to spend the rest of my life with.

close to perfection.

givenchy’s blush gelée jelly blush, the blush with the longest name is just the sweetest shade of pink. wear it sheer or build it up to make your apples pop –  and don’t fret, it wouldn’t dare mess up your complexion. it’s so good, i’m willing to share.


June 6, 2011


this leaves me with many questions.

is this really the print you want represented so very nearby to your girly bits?

hervé legér by max azria resort 2012

photo courtesy of

so, i might’ve said a few things that might’ve made you think that a wee bit skint was finished. for good. there may have been a post back in february of 2010 that perhaps alluded to something about closing down shop. and i might’ve mentioned something about wanting to do something else.

well, that something else might’ve looked a little like this:

this is what has been keeping me busy, and waking me up early...

trust me, she’s a very stylish little thing.

and i may have tried out a handful of other things, and said i was done with a wee bit, but after putting some thought into it, and allowing a few other half-hearted attempts to circle the drain, it just feels like it might be time to give it another shot. so, i’m brushing myself off, (totally ignoring the fact that i’ve been up since 3.45am), giving the site a bit of a revamp and then we’re off to the races.

a very slow, sort of languid race.

because although i can’t to claim to be feeling particularly awake, i am feeling very “forward ho!”

ready? okay. let’s go!

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