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July 17, 2011

i fell out of love.

i hate to admit, here of all places, but it’s true. the spark was gone.

for a handful of seasons, my one true love, just didn’t do it for me. but, marni (you know, consuelo castiglioni and i), worked on it, and i can happily say that i am once again smitten. because, come on:

reunited and it feels so good...

no harm in mixing your patterns...

so very sigh worthy.


we’ll be sending out the save the dates soon… sigh.

marni resort 2012 photos courtesy of


July 11, 2011

someone went away to madrid for the weekend – and although i wasn’t really serious when i said to him, “you have to get me a present…”  – the thought was what was most counted, yet the present was pretty awesome too:

the mister did good.

prada plex bangles courtesy of: @jaygoldman


July 2, 2011

usually, when i think of handmade jewellery, the image that usually springs to mind is an old fork worked itself into a bracelet. which, (no judgment), no thanks. however, when my mind is broadened, and when i happened upon minoux jewellery, (hat-tip: a cup of jo), which is handmade using green practices, and is pretty, modern and does not double as cutlery, i immediately found myself lusting over a couple of pieces. but, these pyramid-inspired necklaces have me thinking that one can never have too many interesting baubles lying around the house… hint.

this. yes.

also, this. uh-huh.

images courtesy of minoux jewelry

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