October 7, 2012

although the daydream in my head looks a lot like this:

photo via: foreverlovecom.blogspot.ch – whose blog/life looks so absurdly perfect the fact that you might not understand what she’s saying seems irrelevant.


the reality of three brunettes who shed, (and a dog), living under the same roof, an all-white interior would end up an all-greige interior right quick. but! but! we’ve recently made the leap of shedding our bachelor/ette furnishings from past homes/relationships, and have finally, (finally!) redecorated our home – and gone are the hints of the 80s with its leather and glass, and in its stead we’ve welcomed a half-scandinavian, half-i’m not sure what to call it, revamped interior. and it makes me very happy indeed. however,  knowing that homes like these exist, you know there’s always room for a little improvement, (and a lot of floor cleaner).

photo via: http://www.lottaagaton.se/blog/ – as well as elle interiors. also, totally gorgeous.




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