October 17, 2012

although ASOS is just one of the johnny-come-lately(s) to the high street on the left side of the world, (which i’m sure you’ve heard of before, because you’re with it! but am i, because who says with it, anymore?) – it used to be a little online secret of mine – way back, when ASOS used to be an acronym for ‘as seen on screen’, and their clothing copy would inevitably read something along the lines of, ‘as seen on sienna miller-drew barrymore-alexa chung-someotherstarletwithastylist’, (because surely we want to buy clothes to look like someone else, right?)

however, luckily for those of us who can ignore cheesy copy, and for those who are looking for a wardrobe that’s closer to affordable, (or searching for a quick fix for the latest trend), ASOS will probably make your little hearts flutter. you see, see below:


ASOS star cardigan – (you don’t have to pose like this to wear it.)

ASOS alban ankle boot


ASOS star gazer smock dress. (this one might be seen on me. bianca. who is not on screen.)

you see? hearts a-fluttering.



*one other thing to note about ASOS, is that they carry a pretty extensive plus-size selection of super cute clothes, which if i may be so blunt, rarely happens.


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