November 13, 2012

i’ve never really been the do-it-yourself type. i’m more of the go-out-and-buy-it type, which smacks a bit superficial and instant gratification-y, but when you want that certain something to look exactly like that certain something, and not some abstract picasso-esque version of itself, i head to those who, you know, actually know what they’re doing. (← longest sentence ever, hello!)

i do,  however, have a rather undeniable need to try, and though i’m an absolute pro at talking myself out of an idea, i do think there’s something really swell in accepting a challenge, even if it’s not something you’re particularly comfortable with. and so what, if that scarf-bracelet-bookend-what-have-you ends up looking like the chewed end of an eraser? at least you can say you, [we], tried. and so, though old-school marthas abound, here a few ladies whose modern DIYs i’d love to try:



→ source for inspiration & photos: OH HAPPY DAY mini marquee

→ source for inspiration & photos: A MERRY MISHAP rope light strand

→ source for inspiration & photos: THE HOUSE THAT LARS BUILT colourful flag bunting




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