i never thought that i had a desert island list, but every morning, when i crack open my arsenal of colour and cream, i realize that roughly 93% of it goes unused, while the other 7% goes quicker than most people’s morning coffee. and though i don’t wear much on a day to day, catch me without a flick of liquid liner, and a swipe of the previously mentioned lipgloss, and you’ve probably caught me running from some hired guns.

and it’s my liquid liner that’s made me come to this place – as i shake and click every last bit of ink out of that pen, i know now that it’s the only one for me. and i’ve given myself raccoon eyes with all the usual, (and spendy!) suspects. chanel, ysl, shu uemura; they pale in comparison to the one who has the apple of my eye, and i won’t go hoarding it, lest you find yourself needing to impress your very own marooned wilson*.

geisha ink’s 24-hour, smudge-free waterproof formula goes on like a dream, even if you lack a surgeon’s steady hand. it doesn’t feather or flake, and the colour dries matte, the colour saturated. i’ve never veered from blackest black, but i hear the brown liner is just as terrific.

bottom line? i’ve wasted a LOT of cash trying all the others so you don’t have to; this is the one to beat.







*(cohesiveness is not my strong suit. please follow along, if you can, as my  mind twists & turns! it’s exciting in here!)


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