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there are some blurry-eyed mornings when sleep hasn’t quite left me, that i think if my daughter’s clothes came in my size, getting dressed in the morning wouldn’t be quite the ordeal that it sometimes is. (cue me, sitting on the edge of the bed, forlornly gazing, (or glazed) at my wardrobe, only to be left feeling very, very alone… in a strictly sartorial sense.) kids clothing isn’t all ruffles on bottoms and ‘i love daddy’ catchphrases on the front. a lot of it is actually really, really great. and i’m not too proud to admit, that occasionally, i’m a little envious of my little one’s duds.




→ source : mini rodini bunny sweatshirt from poppy’s closet

→ source : bobo choses long sleeve twill dress w/stars from scandinavian mini mall

→ source : noe and zoe deep black cape from thumbeline

→ source : bobo choses stars all over dress from sweet william*

*you  may have noticed, i have a deep and abiding love for star themed items. (you’ll see soon, if you haven’t noticed yet). i put the blame squarely on a certain spring 2008 chanel collection. just disregard the denim looks at the start, (because in a word: no).


i’ve never really been the do-it-yourself type. i’m more of the go-out-and-buy-it type, which smacks a bit superficial and instant gratification-y, but when you want that certain something to look exactly like that certain something, and not some abstract picasso-esque version of itself, i head to those who, you know, actually know what they’re doing. (← longest sentence ever, hello!)

i do,  however, have a rather undeniable need to try, and though i’m an absolute pro at talking myself out of an idea, i do think there’s something really swell in accepting a challenge, even if it’s not something you’re particularly comfortable with. and so what, if that scarf-bracelet-bookend-what-have-you ends up looking like the chewed end of an eraser? at least you can say you, [we], tried. and so, though old-school marthas abound, here a few ladies whose modern DIYs i’d love to try:



→ source for inspiration & photos: OH HAPPY DAY mini marquee

→ source for inspiration & photos: A MERRY MISHAP rope light strand

→ source for inspiration & photos: THE HOUSE THAT LARS BUILT colourful flag bunting




November 12, 2012

“if you prick us, do we not bleed?”

melodramatic to be sure, but pinned nonetheless:



→ source: via bianca on pinterest
→ source : madewell via bianca on pinterest 
→ source : comme des garcons via bianca on pinterest

seeing a matinée on a thursday afternoon is most certainly something of an anomaly, (along with eating bonbons whilst wearing marabou slippers). it was however, well worth sitting in a darkened room (with five other ladies who lunch [total] in the theatre), to experience diana vreeland: the eye has to travel. one couldn’t make this woman up, even if they tried. she was just… beyond. i highly recommend experiencing life through her eccentricities, even if it is just for 86 minutes. you’ll be utterly delighted that you did.



November 3, 2012

this has got to be one of the most scathing, cattiest, suggestive, scandalous and delicious sites i’ve had the unadulterated pleasure of coming across. you’ve just got to see it to believe it. i feel like i should sign off, (dorkily), “xoxo, gossip girl...”


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