November 21, 2012

i’m a snob. and i have no qualms admitting that little truth.

i like the things that i like, and am as stubborn as the star-sign that rules my house, (or moon, or sun, or whatever galactic thing it rules). so, that charming bullishness frosts itself over most of the products i choose and continue to use. whether it’s quality or aesthetic, one never really can say, but i am pretty hard to sway. you’d think admitting this would make it hard for me to concede that i just might be wrong about something, and although i’d rather not eat crow, (sriracha can’t even cover up that bitter taste), i am a big enough person to say, well, you know – i’ve changed my mind. just a little bit.

what might i have been just a little bit wrong about? my complete disregard for all things clinique. don’t get me wrong, i’m not stockpiling creams and hoarding toners, but i am saying that in my search for the perfect pout – for that elusive balm that is neither lipstick nor gloss, but a happy melding of the two, their chubby sticks might be the closest i’ve come to what they call ‘MLBB’, (or ‘my lips but better’, thank you @ccath!)

they’re sheer, they moisturize, aren’t gummy or sticky, and they’ve got a gamut of great, wearable colours.

so. herein ends my confession and my gushing over these gloss/balm sticks. they’re great. trust.




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