December 12, 2012

it could be because i just got off the phone with my mother, or because it’s that super-festive-with-a-side-order-of-melancholy time of year, but suddenly i feel the need for speed –  if speed, of course, amounts to a tipple and not caring how many serving sizes there are in family-super-fun-sized bag of chips.

the holidays are the one time during the year when going overboard is above board, and if you’re not feeling full and flush, you’re not doing it right. so, let’s find our way clear to imbibing and indulging right.

if you find yourself cornered at your company’s holiday party, and your boss is still barking out orders; take a seat at your desk, and take a sip with this ‘to my health’ flask. your three walls of cubicle will never tell:

if to you gingerbread is made for houses alone, perhaps something a bit more french is for you? let them eat cake, with a rather unexpected holiday visit from marie antoinette:

and finally, if nothing but chocolate will dull the ache of a full week with your extended family, just dive head first into a warm and inviting pool of soma’s mayan hot chocolate. you’ll find it completely restorative. you could even splash whatever’s in that flask into it for a double dose of holiday spirit.


an ode to good things in toronto:

→ source : to my health flask : drake general store

→ source : marie antoinette torte : nadege patisserie

→ source : soma chocolate : soma chocolate 




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