December 13, 2012

“we are on the verge of a drastic emergency.”

“one day a mysterious package arrived at the visionaire offices. it was a large box containing more than four-hundred original memos from diana vreeland to her staff at vogue. the package had been sent to us by a contributor who preferred to remain anonymous but who had been on the receiving end of some of this legendary inter-office correspondence.”

diana vreeland would dictate her infamous memos to her doting secretary from the altar of her bathroom every morning. if you’d only heard a whisper about ms. vreeland, you’d  already know that she, and her memos were the stuff of legend and that they were extraordinarily one-of-a kind in their insight into fashion at the time, (also? a little bit hilarious.)

these nearly 150 memos would be a dream to read, and would be the only inspiration needed to swipe a pot of rouge on your cheeks, and to make sure your nails were forever fire-engine red, just to finish the laundry.

37 Vreeland Memos Visionaire


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