i wanted a short, dark bob. with a smooth fringe.

while we’re at it, i also wanted smoke-swept eyes lined in charcoal, and a little bow mouth. put it all together, i suppose i wanted to be something a little like louise brooks, but who could blame me? (not even greta garbo.)

what i’ve ended up with however, is something a bit bigger and not anything even remotely resembling smoooooth. what i’ve got is a mass of curls, think shirley temple but frizzier, and on a grown woman. and though most people who come into contact with my mane want to scrunch it into crinkly oblivion, yet my goal is to get it to submit, if just a little bit. and if you’re looking for something that takes it down a notch, from corkscrews to wonderfully tousled, with a just a hint of that slept-in look, bumble and bumble’s bb. texture (un)dressing creme might hit that slightly gritty sweet spot.

(i’ve spent close to a squillion dollars on hair products, this one’s pretty close to perfect.)


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