i’m not too difficult to suss out.

my tastes run rather simple – i like a plain cheese pizza, i prefer a sans serif to serif, and geometry wins over a swirl of flourish most days. you could say i’m a bore, but truly, ask anyone, (my husband would probably pipe up quicker than anyone), i’m not. i just like something a little straight-forward, clarity over a muddle; as experience has proven time and time again, that i can complicate most anything. case in point? i’m currently wearing… hold for a moment… fourteen bracelets, plus one watch. a bit much perhaps, but when they’re as simple as those from scosha, you can’t be blamed for wanting to stack them up and wear them up to both elbows, (some necks and fingers, too.)






→ 1 : precious braid bracelet

→ 2 : ladies arrow bracelet

→ 3 : tiny initial bracelet

→ 4 : feather journey necklace

→ 5 : dark moon ring

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