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December 10, 2012

i could do the appropriate thing and be the modern day, (yet, much more feminine) robin hood, and assemble a holiday gift list – but let’s be completely candid here, gifting lists are just the ramblings of one’s most inner desires, on a totally superficial level. since this is a pretty great level to be on, forthwith i present a list of items that i, and possibly you, would be very pleased to unwrap on whatever holiday you happen to celebrate. (or, any given tuesday. or wednesday.)


→ source : a détacher kona oversized dress via la garçonne

→ source : tomtom lost pyramid bangle

→ source : weston strizzate iphone 5 case (an iphone 5 would be greatly appreciated also).

→ source : rebecca minkoff skylar bag (an usual choice, as her bags aren’t usually my thing).

→ source : turina alphabet pendants

→ soruce : acne prima patchh sleeveless button up 

→ source : varanasi stool cb2








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