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i suppose you might have thought i was kidding, that i wouldn’t come back today with dots and stars.

but i wasn’t and here i am. and although it’s all rather monochrome, it’s hardly what you’d call a bore. i’d snap all of these items up. but as stated, dots and stars have my heart.



equipment brightwhite star print shirt
b&w pouch acne
dieppa restrepo dina
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➝ source : creatures of comfort dot georgette tommy dress via creatures of comfort
➝ source : slim signature bright white star print shirt via equipment
➝ source : black & white spotted pouch via acne
➝ source : dolce vita adisa dress via needsupply
➝ source : chinti & parker star print sweater via matches
➝ source : dina black & white polka dot oxfords via dieppa restrepo

at jumping-on-the-bed o’clock, the daily 5pm ritual with the little, i took it upon myself to do a little cupboard clearing. and at precisely 5.04pm, it dawned on me that i may have an issue:






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mind the blur and the mess, but you get the drift.

i’ve forever shied away from loud prints and bright colours, but have always had a mini love-affair with the stripe, (and the mighty dot, the other drawer is full of those), they lend themselves very well to my deep appreciation of a clean, yet graphic print and it introduces just a smidgen of hue where the rest of my wardrobe may (very much) lack it. and as a very good friend, who suffers from the very same affliction mentioned, the stripe held quite a few esteemed characters in its grasp, i.e.: picasso, coco chanel, andy warhol, et al…






tomorrow we’ll cover my deep issues with star prints and polka dots. stay glued. ✭

➝ source : bistro dress in ridgestripe via madewell

➝ source : bobby stripe lace-up shoe via american apparel

➝ source : schoolboy blazer in mixed stripe, via stripe-y enthusiasts, jcrew

➝ source : yoke pleated tank via lagarconne, by suno


January 29, 2013

this is me today:


i’ll see you tomorrow. (fingers crossed.)

➝ source : graphic via dimes&dubs

growing up with my mum’s taste dictated a decor that included a lot of leather and glass. (it was the 80s, after all.)

she still likes a stark, modern and to the point design. the point being that she runs a (very, very) clean ship, and the simplest things to clean were those items that could be wiped and vacuumed for optimal results. when i was old enough to acquire a very smart mouth, i used to quote ferris bueller’s day off, (but who didn’t?) with the quip, “the place is like a museum. it’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything,” (just switch in my name instead.)

when i flew the coop, i thought glass and leather were right up my alley as well. until one day, it dawned on me that i had been living a lie.

oh, all right, it wasn’t nearly that dramatic, but i did come to realize that my taste ran a bit more simply. still modern, but softer, warmer and perhaps just a wee bit more inviting. and i banished leather. no more leather sofas. they may be easier to clean, but they’re so much less inviting for those sunday afternoon naps.






→ source :

➝ source : emma’s design blogg

➝ source : helt enkelt hos mig

➝ source : finnish design shop



you’d think i’d appreciate this deep freeze, considering the state of my face.

however, if you’re anything like me, perhaps you’ve hit that glorious age, when it doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or warm, your skin has given up the good fight and has gone… rogue. it’s an oil slick here, a teensy sahara there, it peels here and is congested riiiiiight there. it’s hard to keep up, and rather than surrendering hope, i’ve just toughened up my arsenal.

(and then i turn out the lights and fall into a deep slumber hoping the morning will show some mercy on this utterly confused husk.)





→ source : charcoal, it’s good for your bbq, it’s better for your face. coalface bar via lush

→ source : binchotan facial puff, vegetable fibres and (more) charcoal, it’s gentle & exfoliating. just don’t tell anyone else about them, via rikumo

→ source : if your countenance has a certain pallor to it, retinol (this one via skinceuticals) will slough it right off. (congested skin will also wave bye-bye.)

→ source : much like you at the end of the day, your skin will need a drink. this one’s light – control moisturizer via mario badescu

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