fast fashion has its place.

it takes time to get to where quality trumps quantity, and if you put your head into it, you will eventually come to understand that the cheaper something is, the faster the flush of IJUSTGOTSOMETHINGNEWANDCUUUUUTE wears off.*

i do, however, understand the lure of the cheap and cheerful, and although my days of the only-for-a-moment purchase are coming to an end, (i’m too ahem, mature (?) for those stores now anyway), there are those times when sure, yes, the just gotta-have-its take over and your impulses lead you to the register with a little something cute, quick, and ultimately just-for-a-season in your hands.




parkland spiked necklace uo



*and now to be the very responsible adult that i am, if you want to read about the fast-fashion industry, and how we might just have to cool our jets on the quick impulse buys, and maybe start, you know, saving for something better, read this:


→ source : light grey zippered/curved hem jumper via

→ source : new look juno tassled patent loafers via

→ source : parkland spiked necklace via

→ source : exclusive swing dress in unicorn print via

→ source : overdressed by elizabeth l. cline via smaller, independent bookstores, and of course,


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