January 31, 2013

i suppose you might have thought i was kidding, that i wouldn’t come back today with dots and stars.

but i wasn’t and here i am. and although it’s all rather monochrome, it’s hardly what you’d call a bore. i’d snap all of these items up. but as stated, dots and stars have my heart.



equipment brightwhite star print shirt
b&w pouch acne
dieppa restrepo dina
● // ✭
➝ source : creatures of comfort dot georgette tommy dress via creatures of comfort
➝ source : slim signature bright white star print shirt via equipment
➝ source : black & white spotted pouch via acne
➝ source : dolce vita adisa dress via needsupply
➝ source : chinti & parker star print sweater via matches
➝ source : dina black & white polka dot oxfords via dieppa restrepo


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