January 8, 2013

procrastination. it’s a bit of pickle.

it’s always been particularly confounding how someone so rigid with routine, and so accepting of certain obsessive behaviours could be so unequivocally one with the practice of procrastination. (okay, i don’t really practice at it, i’m a bit of a natural).

yet, neat corners and clean lines don’t apply to the errant mailers stuffed into drawers, or to the unfiled paperwork lying in wait, or even to the crumpled receipts that clog the few compartments of my oversized continental wallet. (yes, i carry your mother’s wallet – it’s for all the stuff i keep smashing in to it).

however, suddenly, something started to happen. i started throwing things out. i started to organize the overflow. i began to de-clutter the muddle and make things a bit… clearer.

sure, this pathway to clarity may have included a rather enjoyable evening of e-commerce, but you know, whatever gets you to where you need to be, is fine by me.



vitra-design-uten-silorestore felt basket mika tolvanen muuto







varpunen piste storage bag




→ source : uten. silo. II (small) via dwr

→ source : restore felt basket by mika tolvanen for muuto

→ source : stackmag by lars nillson for paug

→ source : kontextür hanging line

→ source : varpunen piste storage sack




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