as oft repeated, one can usually find me in top to toe black. i blame it on my youth. i could never shake off the effect of depeche mode. (or the smiths, or the cure, or the specials, etc, etc.)

i’d never be one to stick out my thumb in any sort of loud print, my unruly hair does that for me. and you’d be hard pressed to find any colour outside of charcoal, navy, or (even less-so) olive in my wardrobe. if i’m feeling particularly fiery, you’ll find me in some shade of the royal purple. anything brighter than that would be found wrapped around my wrist, swathed around my neck or hanging off my shoulder.

i’m a wild one, to be sure.

i do however, play this little game in my head, where i’ll think of some-sort of parallel universe bianca, a bianca that is touch tall(er), a little less rubenesque, and a lot more brazen with her clothing options. it’s not a bit aspirational, it’s just a little daydream wherein i adore these things, yet would never wear them. it’s clothing as a lark. try doing it for yourself, it’s a bit of fun.










esmeralda print trousers

christopher kane princess a-line skirt

yayoi patent sandals sophie webster

mary katrantzou multicolour hunky dory dress




→ source : it’s red. and it’s velvet, i would never. but i do adore it: carven red velvet dress via farfetch

→ source : they’re floral. it’s impossible. but i love them: erdem esmeralda print trousers via mytheresa

→ source : it’s white. and flouncy. i wouldn’t on both counts, but here it is: christopher kane dutch-print princess mini skirt

→ source : i’m a wedge-only girl, i can’t stand the pain otherwise. but i love a polka-dot: sophia webster yayoi patent/leather sandals

→ source : so much colour. so much print. i’m dizzy, yet it’s so pretty: mary kantrantzou mulitcolour hunky dory dress


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