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“some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” // pablo picasso

tirza flat sandals pedro garcia



mm6 maison martin margiela


submarine yellow time capsule

→ source : buttery yellow pedro garcia tirza flat sandal via shopbop

→ source : that’ll wake you right up. stairwell via details oriented by shape + space

→ source : we’ll see you coming – givenchy nightingale bag via neiman marcus

→ source : these might be closer to marigold, yet sunshiny still – mm6 maison martin margiela lace-up oxfords via shopbop

→ source : do you dare a yellow lip? photo via the sweet7

→ source : don’t even bother with the price, it’s just nice to look at – submarine yellow time capsule base lamp via anthropologie

i’m telling you, a penguin tried to hitch a ride this morning.

has it escaped me to mention the very mundane fact that it’s cold? but, not just like, hitch your shoulders up and go brrr cold, it’s more of a blow-to-the-lungs sort of cold. it just cuts right through you, or rather, makes you think your feet might actually be frozen and should be chipped at like ice for a drink. it’s very pleasant, trust me.

and i see you, the general (some of) you, trying to get away with a flimsy jacket and trainers thinking you’re made of something sturdier than the rest of us, and ‘no, no, it’s not THAT cold.’ but it is, and i’m going to make like your mother and tell you to bundle up. because, if being bundled can look as good as this, let’s get brave and move this whole operation to the yukon.

eugenia kim felix hat

valentino rockstud leather

rachelcomey shastacoat



(should all else fail, keep warm under your duvet and dream of this:)


→ source : not usually one for the twee, (or for cats), yet this jaunty cat-eared hat amuses me, via eugenia kim

→ source : i still like studs. valentino rockstud leather gloves, via net-a-porter

→ source : winter is gray, this coat is definitely not. rachel comey shasta coat, via rachel comey

→ source : the largest and warmest scarf, ever. you may not be able to see over it. soopascarf via yokoo

→ source : if black is more your style, nothing will beat this rick owens lillies quilted sail coat via totokaelo

→ source : your imagination. or book a flight somewhere south-ish. photo via 30 hd tropical beach backgrounds


January 22, 2013

me, today:

the art of

how you doin’?

→ source : ‘the art of’ print via society6 by wasted rita

fast fashion has its place.

it takes time to get to where quality trumps quantity, and if you put your head into it, you will eventually come to understand that the cheaper something is, the faster the flush of IJUSTGOTSOMETHINGNEWANDCUUUUUTE wears off.*

i do, however, understand the lure of the cheap and cheerful, and although my days of the only-for-a-moment purchase are coming to an end, (i’m too ahem, mature (?) for those stores now anyway), there are those times when sure, yes, the just gotta-have-its take over and your impulses lead you to the register with a little something cute, quick, and ultimately just-for-a-season in your hands.




parkland spiked necklace uo



*and now to be the very responsible adult that i am, if you want to read about the fast-fashion industry, and how we might just have to cool our jets on the quick impulse buys, and maybe start, you know, saving for something better, read this:


→ source : light grey zippered/curved hem jumper via

→ source : new look juno tassled patent loafers via

→ source : parkland spiked necklace via

→ source : exclusive swing dress in unicorn print via

→ source : overdressed by elizabeth l. cline via smaller, independent bookstores, and of course,


January 18, 2013

“have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” // william morris

photo:bobedre fromscandinaviawithlove

photo:magnus anesund bright kitchen nordsjo:elleinterior

photo:tenkegammelgaards library

saddle office chair west elm

photo:boligpluss sirpa home

photo:Edina Sæther nordic leaves

→ source : photo by bo bedre via scandinavia with love

→ source : photo by magnus anesund via söderbergagentur

→ source : photo by tenke gammelgaards via hannah’s room

→ source : saddle office chair from west elm

→ source : photo by boligpluss via planete deco

→ source : photo by edina sæther from her very own gorgeous kitchen and blog, nordic leaves

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