you’d think i’d appreciate this deep freeze, considering the state of my face.

however, if you’re anything like me, perhaps you’ve hit that glorious age, when it doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or warm, your skin has given up the good fight and has gone… rogue. it’s an oil slick here, a teensy sahara there, it peels here and is congested riiiiiight there. it’s hard to keep up, and rather than surrendering hope, i’ve just toughened up my arsenal.

(and then i turn out the lights and fall into a deep slumber hoping the morning will show some mercy on this utterly confused husk.)





→ source : charcoal, it’s good for your bbq, it’s better for your face. coalface bar via lush

→ source : binchotan facial puff, vegetable fibres and (more) charcoal, it’s gentle & exfoliating. just don’t tell anyone else about them, via rikumo

→ source : if your countenance has a certain pallor to it, retinol (this one via skinceuticals) will slough it right off. (congested skin will also wave bye-bye.)

→ source : much like you at the end of the day, your skin will need a drink. this one’s light – control moisturizer via mario badescu


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