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i tend to gravitate toward the little things that fit in between what’s in the actual picture.

this goes for actual photos, and words left unsaid in the middle of monologues, that are then parsed later for meaning. this pull also leads me to far more superficial leanings – the way one layers a necklace on top of another, how that one strand of hair out of place makes a person look a little more real, and all the little odds and ends that fill up the spaces in between the larger pieces of a home. i adore the vignettes as a friend called them, that make a house a home. a bowl that was originally a wedding bomboniere now serves as a sugar bowl –  a bread basket used as a mail catch-all, a phrenology bust as amusing sideboard head-scratcher. these are tell-tale signs of a home that’s lived in and the things that i adore most. they tell the stories of a life lived the way a lumpy old sofa never could.






→ source : nionio polka dot cutting/sandwich board via nionio design

→ source : bloak ladder in white oak via three potato four shop

→ source : neo medium white bowl via the minimalist

→ source : tas-ka wooden wall hook via happy home

→ source : vintage metal drawers via present & correct


February 27, 2013

menswear combined with muppet-ed gowns?

dries van noten is the only one who could make this look as amazing as it does. and it’s pretty much perfect.

dries van noten fw/2013


☆ all photos courtesy of

perhaps it’ll come as a bit of a shock to learn that sometimes buying for myself is not really the retail therapy you think it might be – sometimes it’s closer to the aversion method more than anything else.

however, it’s almost troubling to me how easy it is to fall down the rabbit hole that is me wanting to pick up every thing i see for the moppet. the fact that spring is looming, (i think. please?) and she’s grown out of a fair number of last year’s bits, i’m finding it hard to resist – and really, who could blame me?

(grown-up sizes would be appreciated. yes, even the lemon overalls.)









→ source : aarrekid organic stripe dress via thumbeline

→ source : pineapple floaty top via one sunday

→ source : stalactite leggings via thief & bandit

→ source : bobo choses lemon overalls via sweet william

→ source : boy + girl weekender dress, also via sweet william



“always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” // j. garland

first-rate looks:

☆ photos & inspiration:
→ source : garance, la mer
→ source : the sartorialist
→ source : garance doré

i rarely care enough about such things to actually comment on them, (other than on twitter), but oh, what an absolute nightmare that was. every oscar telecast has become a lesson in self-flagellation.

i’m not sure why i continue to watch, (waaaaaay past my bedtime), as the jokes devolve into the intolerable, musical numbers numb the spirit, and as becomes quickly apparent, a certain sense of humour about oneself is lost on most of the people in that auditorium. hollywood seems to take themselves veerrrrrry seriously – and it’s a shame, because what ends up happening is that no one dares to wear something a little less ordinary. mielle-feuille ball gowns and princess shifts, ad infinitum. all i could think was that i was missing tilda swintoncate blanchett and marion cotillard, because love or lump them, their sartorial choices are never a bore. and if you’re dressing for the world to see, i think you’d like to make an impression that solicits an actual impression, (positive or not), rather than a bored yawn.

my one choice for the evening didn’t walk the red carpet – diane kruger instead attended the vanity party in couture giambattisa valli – and her frock was amazing. only because she took a small chance to do something a little bit different.

(this chance taking also translates well into real life. this weekend? i wore a short necklace with multi-coloured charms on it. baby steps people, baby steps. they can take you a long way.)




of course, there were photos without joshua jackson, but why would i deny you this pleasure on a monday morning?

☆ photo courtesy of laineygossip

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