“women need food, water, and compliments. that’s right. and an occasional pair of shoes.” // c. rock

not to paint all those with the double X with the same wide brush, but in terms of the sartorial, girls/women/whateveryouprefertobecalled usually fall into a handful camps.

we’ve got the clothes-horse and the shoe devotee. then, there are the fringe groups, those of us for whom make-up is their kryptonite, and to others it’s always about the accessories.

i’m an accessories girl. for me, it’s about the bag or the bracelet, but more often than not, it’s about the bag AND the bracelet, (and the necklace(s), additional bracelets, and then more… bracelets). it’s been that way forever. i don’t have the closet space for the whims of a clothes-horse and the truth of the matter is, i do love a good shoe — we just have a bit of an unrequited romance, as they rarely love me back. (the drawerful of ignored pumps and sandals in my wardrobe will attest). in large part, shoes have become akin to art – i admire, but i do not touch. if it’s not a bensimon plimsoll, a flat sandal or platform wedge, we’re just not going to work. i figure, life’s too short to put my feet through that much pain, and at some point in your life, you just gotta cut out that toxic paramour, and hold on to what’s good for you.














→ source :  minimarket wedge rock via solestruck

→ source :  figaro cross strap sandal via topshop

→ source :  rachel comey rolim print heeled oxford via shopbop

→ source :  the shoe is cute, the name is not: i’ll be quirky flat via modcloth

→ source :  jeffrey campbell lars platform sandal via shopbop



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