perhaps it’ll come as a bit of a shock to learn that sometimes buying for myself is not really the retail therapy you think it might be – sometimes it’s closer to the aversion method more than anything else.

however, it’s almost troubling to me how easy it is to fall down the rabbit hole that is me wanting to pick up every thing i see for the moppet. the fact that spring is looming, (i think. please?) and she’s grown out of a fair number of last year’s bits, i’m finding it hard to resist – and really, who could blame me?

(grown-up sizes would be appreciated. yes, even the lemon overalls.)









→ source : aarrekid organic stripe dress via thumbeline

→ source : pineapple floaty top via one sunday

→ source : stalactite leggings via thief & bandit

→ source : bobo choses lemon overalls via sweet william

→ source : boy + girl weekender dress, also via sweet william



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