are you sitting, glassy eyed, in front of a cursor that’s goading you, just a little bit, to move it to the left? are you trying to get some work done, but find that you simply don’t have it in you? has that venti misto gone completely unnoticed by your central nervous system?

is it monday?

maybe it’s just february talking, but i’m dopey and sneezy, and i don’t think it has  anything to do with that fairy tale. and since i’ve basically survived on roughly 5.75 hours of sleep/night since mid-2009, my mondays are pretty much like any other day of the week, they just seem to weigh a lot heavier in my bones. or, rather, the bags under my eyes do.

and though it’s rare that someone pegs me as being under-rested, it’s because i’m a pretty good liar.

every day, i wake up groggy and disheveled, and there it begins, my daily deception. bold-faced and undeterred, these are the products that allow me to look like someone who slumbers for hours, that allow me to take off my (very large) sunglasses indoors. these are my accomplices in looking half awake, even though i may (very much) not be feeling it.






→ source : eye slept by tricia sawyer (seemingly discontinued – picture me, weeping) //

→ substitute : bareMinerals well-rested face & eye brightener via sephora

→ source : urban decay eyeshadow primer potion via urban decay

→ source : the most obvious one of all, ysl’s touche éclat via ysl


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