February 25, 2013

i rarely care enough about such things to actually comment on them, (other than on twitter), but oh, what an absolute nightmare that was. every oscar telecast has become a lesson in self-flagellation.

i’m not sure why i continue to watch, (waaaaaay past my bedtime), as the jokes devolve into the intolerable, musical numbers numb the spirit, and as becomes quickly apparent, a certain sense of humour about oneself is lost on most of the people in that auditorium. hollywood seems to take themselves veerrrrrry seriously – and it’s a shame, because what ends up happening is that no one dares to wear something a little less ordinary. mielle-feuille ball gowns and princess shifts, ad infinitum. all i could think was that i was missing tilda swintoncate blanchett and marion cotillard, because love or lump them, their sartorial choices are never a bore. and if you’re dressing for the world to see, i think you’d like to make an impression that solicits an actual impression, (positive or not), rather than a bored yawn.

my one choice for the evening didn’t walk the red carpet – diane kruger instead attended the vanity party in couture giambattisa valli – and her frock was amazing. only because she took a small chance to do something a little bit different.

(this chance taking also translates well into real life. this weekend? i wore a short necklace with multi-coloured charms on it. baby steps people, baby steps. they can take you a long way.)




of course, there were photos without joshua jackson, but why would i deny you this pleasure on a monday morning?

☆ photo courtesy of laineygossip


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