making a true effort to bring some kind of wonderful to you today, (despite valiantly ignoring the fact that my sinuses have made me bug-eyed and cloudy of brain), the gray and rain have made it impossible to deny the fact that i want/need spring to arrive.

i don’t care for the ensuing heat, but it’s the weight of layers, the time it takes to get out the door; i miss the efficiency that spring brings. (let’s also not forget that a 3-year old usually comes included with the grown-up set, so we’re talking double the layers, double the trouble.)

if the day’s disposition had been a mite sunnier, i’m not sure if this wish would’ve sprung up itself, but as of right now, i’m hoping february 2nd’s shadow proves itself to be true, and spring comes… soon.






→ source : oh, such a gorgeous blue: zucca silk jacquard top via lagarçonne

→ source : AG stevie polka dot jeans, hard to find, worth the effort via anthropologie

→ source : the (perfect) coat via hatch, you don’t need to be up the duff to wear it, but it’ll keep that belly warm should you be.

→ source : shocking, stripes – again! tsumori chisato stripe linen dress via lagarçonne

→ source : oxfords with a side of sandal, jeffrey campbell’s ‘kelley’ shoe via solestruck



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