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“we view things not only from different sides, but with different eyes…” // b. pascal

catching my eye, this week:





// the different eye //

→ source : always be a unicorn throw pillow by weareyawn via society6
→ source : complex geometries helix dress via totokaelo
→ source : lines tray via seventytree
→ source : kenzo graphic insert dress via lagarçonne
→ source :  feathers via weissesrauschen
→ source :  image via disimba
→ source : frozen pond by kent shiraishi via wit & delight
☆ a lovely weekend to you & yours.

“maybe that’s the best part of going away for a vacation – coming home again.” // m. l’engle

through my window i can see that the weather is delightful, but truth be known, i’ve been feeling rather frightful. (i’m a master poet, obviously.)

i’ve not done much since my return from warmer climes but shuffle from one end of the house feeling miserable, (the kitchen for endless cups of tea), to the other end of it clutching a box of tissues and hoping i land somewhere close to my bed/sofa/floor/dogbed. i’ve spent a lot of time indoors and online and i’ve taken a good look around, and the only thing making me feel a modicum better is the thought of changing some countertops and getting rid of the upstairs rug. the husband-type wouldn’t notice, riiiight?











table IGfruschou




→ source & inspiration : designspiration

→ source & inspiration : pinked kitchen via seventeen doors

→ source & inspiration : dining/living room styled by marcus hay via pat bates

→ source & inspiration : bedroom set styled by oyoy living design

→ source & inspiration : living room styled by thomas lingesell via scandinavian deko

→ source & inspiration : hay dining table, etc., via frou schou

this time of year always gives me the itch.

i sing a little louder in the car, (belting it out like i just don’t care, but i kinda do because the windows are rolled up shut), there’s a slight, (slight only because my ankle hurts) spring in my step, and there’s a distinct buzz in the air. obviously, i’m suffering from what is commonly known as spring fever, and it’s no surprise – you’re probably feeling it too. the sun shines for a little longer, vitamin d making your outlook a little bit shinier after the gloom of winter’s grays. we’re wearing our coats open, and scarves are falling a little looser. it’s happening people, spring cometh.

it also happens that i’m a spring baby. april showers bring may flowers and i’m turning the corner on another (ack!) year. so, what do i do with all of this surfacing energy? i start daydreaming wish lists. take heed people in my life. these are things i’ve been found spring-wanting:









→ source : large heartbeat clutch via falconwright

→ source : rebecca minkoff joplin flat sandals via shopbop

→ source : everleigh mariner trapeze tank via anthropologie

→ source : blanca monrós goméz deco diamond filigree necklace via catbirdnyc

→ source : sachajuan hair repair via sephora

→ source : city wedge via all saints

→ source : vp6 turquoise topan pendant by &tradition via project décor




March 26, 2013

a little bit of charm for your morning pleasure.

roman coppola and wes anderson (swoooooon) for prada – candy l’eau.

as a consummate creature of habit, i don’t take well to change.

and as such, i’ve suffered a huge blow to the system.

for the last four years or so, i’ve pretty much worn the same shoes – there is a fall/winter shoe, a trippen boot that i absolutely adore,  and a spring/summer shoe. there are a few alternates that make an appearance in the in-between, but those are my mainstay kicks, my go-tos, the shoes i don’t have to think much about, because i loathe thinking about shoes. they’re just troublemakers. and herein lies the problem: my spring shoe, my favourite of all, the simplest of kicks have gone awol. black bensimon plimsolls have gone missing.

a photo for reference:*

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.23.00 AM


trust that i know they don’t look like much, but they were my perfect casual shoe. and now they’re gone. and i know, (I KNOW), that i can find them in every single OTHER colour other than black, but the black was the only choice for me, and i can’t bear to wear another.

i’m not handling this adjustment very well, and ever since i’ve had this exchange with bensimon, my world has been turned upside down. melodrama, much?

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.31.12 AM


so, now with spring around the corner, i’m faced with having to find another go-to shoe and i am thoroughly non-plussed. will it be back to my youth with a pair of all-black chuck taylor all stars, or will it be a pair of supergas? i don’t where to turn, or where to go. help?



→ source : chuck taylor all-stars in black via converse or gravity pope for canadian orders

→ source : 2750 cotu classic via superga


*if you happen upon a wayward pair, do let me know, STAT.

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