i quit smoking in 2004.

and then i completely and totally quit smoking after i got married in 2007.

there was the rule that a blind eye would be taken on european sojourns so that i too, could do as the romans did, and nonchalantly light up whenever (and wherever) i pleased.

i loved smoking. it’s an awful thing to say, but truly, i did. it was a constant and a reliable friend. of course, it was one of those (literally) toxic friends that eventually you just have to break up with, because well, they’re just bringing you down – not to mention making your clothes smell, rotting your teeth, doing unspeakable things to your lungs and stealing your boyfriends, money and jewelry.

i had to stop finally and thoroughly and of course it was simple – i had a kid. and since then, if i’ve ever had an urge, it was immediately quelled the moment i thought about giving her a hug and having her smell smoke on my clothes.

making a better decision is made ucomplicated when you’re making it for/because of someone else, and this principle has happily been applied to other parts of my life as well; like for all those creeping crow’s feet, cramped pores and frizzy hair – like all those balms, butters, and lotions i slather on, they’ve become just a bit simpler and little bit cleaner because of her, (without having to go full-on and head out to hug a tree.)






→ source : amazing face cleanser via aesop

→ source : detox face mask via malin + goetz

→ source : cheek stain via tarte cosmetics

→ source : argan infinity cream via josie maran cosmetics

→ source : sea mist sea salt spray w/lavender via john masters organics

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  • adeleine

    Gorgeous picks… i try to choose cleaner, simpler products for my body and home these days.

    Thanks for posting re: smoking. I love smoking. we’ve quit a couple of times, but keep coming back to it. we don’t have kids, so i don’t feel guilty, but i know that we would need to stop completely if that ever happened. it’s nice to hear someone write about how pleasant smoking can be, even if it is toxic and should be stopped sooner rather than later. so much of what people say about it is overwhelmingly negative, glossing over the reason why people enjoy smoking in the first place.

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