we’re barely into the beginning of the muck, that time when the winter thaw leaves a trail of sludge in its wake – and spring is thiiiiiiiiis close to announcing its arrival on the 21st. i’m all for it, mud and all, and though spring hasn’t truly sprung, hints of summer have already begun. the most glaring symptom of all? the wedding invite.

i thought being in the later shift of my 30s would mean never having to attend another nuptial celebration until the surrounding toddler set had grown, but apparently, i was incorrect. we’re heading into second-wedding territory.

so, wedding number one, (part two), is upcoming and i’m already thinking about the dress. not the bride’s, but mine. i like to clock in wearing something special but not anywhere near frou-frou, (my end goal is to not ever have to suck in my gut, don complicated foundation garments, or pull at a bodice).

marital bliss takes countless of hours and h’ors d’oeuvres – so, ease is ultimately key.













(two with colour! it’s almost a miracle.)

→ source : dvf abrielle dress via, shockingly, dvf

→ source : chalayan speed flare printed dress via net-a-porter

→ source : limited edition flapper via topshop

→ source : 3.1 phillip lim sequinned silk dress via harvey nichols

→ source : rachel comey eddi dress, predictably via rachel comey

☆ a swell weekend to one and all!




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