i didn’t wear nail polish until late into my 19th year.

i always assumed that having rather boyish hands, (short, sausage-y, not-at-all girly), would never suit tinted finger-tips. i adored the way it looked on other, more suitable hands, but never dared – until i saw this amazing blood-red varnish, (it could’ve been on gwen stefani), and it was 1996. it progressed quickly, from urban decay‘s gash, (i’d insert a link of a photo, but it’s so long gone it’s almost impossible to find), to purples, blues, and what was very of the time, vom green.

i wouldn’t get near a green these days, yet i am known to be fairly incapable of passing a display of varnishes without picking three one up. i keep it goth-y on fingers and lighter on toes, and if i don’t let up soon, i’ll have to put my collection in cold storage just to keep up with the demand.



→ upper left/source : illamasqua’s gorgeous creator varnish

→ upper right/source : nails inc., in chelsea physic garden via sephora

→ lower left/source : picture polish in watermelon via nail polish canada

→ lower right/source : ysl, ‘la laque’ in a stunning bleu majorelle, this will be on my toes imminently…


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  • adeleine

    that YSL bleu majorelle is very appealing…

    i’ve always envied girls with beautiful, long slim hands (ie Liv tyler) – have recently fallen in love with the idea of making polish work on my stubby paws. mint colours are my favourite, and i’m always searching for a pale pinkish shade that doesn’t look grey after being applied.

    love the way the bottles look, all lined up.

    vom green… awesome 🙂

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