as a consummate creature of habit, i don’t take well to change.

and as such, i’ve suffered a huge blow to the system.

for the last four years or so, i’ve pretty much worn the same shoes – there is a fall/winter shoe, a trippen boot that i absolutely adore,  and a spring/summer shoe. there are a few alternates that make an appearance in the in-between, but those are my mainstay kicks, my go-tos, the shoes i don’t have to think much about, because i loathe thinking about shoes. they’re just troublemakers. and herein lies the problem: my spring shoe, my favourite of all, the simplest of kicks have gone awol. black bensimon plimsolls have gone missing.

a photo for reference:*

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.23.00 AM


trust that i know they don’t look like much, but they were my perfect casual shoe. and now they’re gone. and i know, (I KNOW), that i can find them in every single OTHER colour other than black, but the black was the only choice for me, and i can’t bear to wear another.

i’m not handling this adjustment very well, and ever since i’ve had this exchange with bensimon, my world has been turned upside down. melodrama, much?

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.31.12 AM


so, now with spring around the corner, i’m faced with having to find another go-to shoe and i am thoroughly non-plussed. will it be back to my youth with a pair of all-black chuck taylor all stars, or will it be a pair of supergas? i don’t where to turn, or where to go. help?



→ source : chuck taylor all-stars in black via converse or gravity pope for canadian orders

→ source : 2750 cotu classic via superga


*if you happen upon a wayward pair, do let me know, STAT.


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