it makes little sense, but i’ve become obligated to a scent.

i’ve worn the same one for over a decade – and although the temptation to find another is always bubbling about, it’s just seems too hard to break free. how would i break the news to those who lean in close and ask… “why do you smell different? i miss your perfume.” (it’s happened.)

it doesn’t help matters that i’m a veritable creature of habit; pavlov’s dog, and the ringing of bells has nothing on me*. once i’m used to something, it’s set in stone, and that cement block that i carry around with me can get a bit weighty. though, i’m beginning to think a little chip off the corner wouldn’t be missed over the discovery of a new go-to scent. any one of these would do…








→ source : odeur 53 via comme des garçons parfums

→ source : perfume molecule 02 via escentric molecules

→ source : marni eau de parfum via harrods

→ source : le labo’s vetiver 46 via luckyscent

*i’m a totally spontaneous person, not at all predictable. are you asleep yet?




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