“maybe that’s the best part of going away for a vacation – coming home again.” // m. l’engle

through my window i can see that the weather is delightful, but truth be known, i’ve been feeling rather frightful. (i’m a master poet, obviously.)

i’ve not done much since my return from warmer climes but shuffle from one end of the house feeling miserable, (the kitchen for endless cups of tea), to the other end of it clutching a box of tissues and hoping i land somewhere close to my bed/sofa/floor/dogbed. i’ve spent a lot of time indoors and online and i’ve taken a good look around, and the only thing making me feel a modicum better is the thought of changing some countertops and getting rid of the upstairs rug. the husband-type wouldn’t notice, riiiight?











table IGfruschou




→ source & inspiration : designspiration

→ source & inspiration : pinked kitchen via seventeen doors

→ source & inspiration : dining/living room styled by marcus hay via pat bates

→ source & inspiration : bedroom set styled by oyoy living design

→ source & inspiration : living room styled by thomas lingesell via scandinavian deko

→ source & inspiration : hay dining table, etc., via frou schou


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