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“if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” // t. stoppard

as much as i’d like to make time stop at will – i’ve not quite managed that skill just yet. and though i’d like to say that the quickening pace of age hasn’t struck me dumb with terror, that too is not a skill i’ve mastered… just yet.

what i have managed to extract, after all these years is that it’s okay to get older, just as long as you keep yourself from wholly growing up – and when child’s play is as stylish as this, you’ll realize that it’s ‘never too late to have a happy childhood.’ and i’m going to hang on to that for as long as i can…







→ source : architectmade kristian vedel’s wooden chubby birdsy via huset

→ source : april showers by polder lotus bag in vanilla via scandinavian mall

→ source : zozio diamond top via thumbeline

→ source : secret man pillow in white via lucky boy sunday

→ source : april showers fluorescent pink kate necklace via my little square

→ source : pop up shop flamingoes swimsuit via sweet william

“it is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple; one must be woman-manly or man-womanly. … some marriage of opposites has to be consummated.” // v. woolf

though i predominantly wear dresses/skirts, one would be hard-pressed to call me girly. i’ve forever shunned pink in deference to the darker of palettes, and have instinctively gravitated toward those things that might seem a wee bit rougher and tumbler than would be suited to the average bear. (or mum, as my joomi lim spike bracelet and the ‘ow’ heard from the moppet would attest). and though trousers are a rare find within my wardrobe, i can appreciate a touch of the masculine when it comes to getting dressed. if i’m hard pressed, my husband’s shirts are always a good, and stylish bet.





→ source : comme des garçons dots collar shirt via lagarçonne

→ source : haider ackermann striped cropped trouser via farfetch

→ source : robert clergerie roele oxford via creatures of comfort

→ source : sailor code necklace via scosha

“as soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.” // a. warhol







→ source : nava max 365 calendar via the lollipop shoppe

→ source : keacala q prick earrings via shopbop

→ source : nude lamé lip colour via & other stories

→ source : cosmic wonder light source circular shirt via totokaelo

→ source : one by dallas + carlos alpha necklace via shopbop

→ source : windowpane mug via ks saturday

the very last thing i needed was to find yet another jewelry line to swan about.

yet, here i am, swanning. and wanting it. a whole lot of it.






→ source : all the lovely things // workhorse jewelry

“i don’t carry little purses. i carry big duffels, always.” // d. keaton

there are a few things you’ve probably gleaned if you’ve stuck around for a while.

i like to carry a big bag, and i’m not about to taste, nor wear the rainbow. so, when it comes to the portmanteau i carry, i still think that back-breaking bigger is always better, but perhaps my obstinance with colour can relax a little, just at the shoulder.





→ source : givenchy nightingale medium bag via far fetch

→ source : edie purse in vintage violet via jcrew

→ source : alexander wang diego textured bucket bag in signal orange via net-a-porter

→ source : pierre hardy cv03 in a gorgeous azure blue via pierre hardy

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