many a moon ago, when i still lived at home, my mother’s wardrobe was not one that i pined for. i appreciated it for its elegance, occasional sexiness, and her once-in-a-while tendency to opt for the most avant-garde pieces – yet, i never really aspired to it.

to be sure there were gems in there – the thierry mugler dress that always made me think of cartoon vavavoooooms, her kenzo skirt with the uneven hem, the gaultier oversized roll-neck sweaters, the issey miyake crinkle shirts and a certain john galliano cape that still hangs in pristine condition, totally wearable after 20 years or so, (though i understand how one might not want to wear it… right now.)

my mother had/has very good taste – we’ve just never really shared a common one; except, around the time when i was 18 and she started wearing a silk crepe kimono-style dressing gown in the mornings. it was a faded black, with large blooms in saturated colours of mulberry and plum. it was gorgeous. and what i thought to be the sartorial equivalent of being a modern woman. i’m not sure that i knew what that meant, but that’s the thought it gave me. and i wanted it. a year or two later, when i happened to tell her how much i loved it, she eagerly gave it to me. it’s difficult to let my mother know you like something of hers because she will immediately hand it over to you, and though that’s not usually the intention of a compliment, that one time, i took the item on offer without hesitation.

i wore it of course, to shreds. and i’ve forever been looking for another one to replace it and have perpetually fallen short. perhaps it’s just something my mum has to wear first…









→ source : something else by natalie wood kaleidone silk kimono via bona drag

→ source : dries van noten ‘role’ embroidered silk robe via browns fashion

→ source : haider ackermann draped satin kimono via selfridges & co.


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