taurus : april 20th – may 20th

paying homage to my star sign is relatively simple.

all i have to do is dig my heels in and not change. a thing. absolutely, ever. (i could only make this point clearer if i snorted whilst showing off my horns.)

my feelings are steadfast and i cling to what i know and like/love with the steely-grip of ten-thousand newborn babies*.

to bring this fact around to my wardrobe, an outsider would definitely aver that i seem to be stuck in very deep, wide and sticky rut. to that person(s), i’d contend that… i like what i like, and yes, i’m also probably stuck in a teeny tiny rut. however, i know myself pretty well, and in knowing all the things about meeeee, i’m fairly certain that i’m not about to attempt a full 180 in regard to the contents of my closet. i can however, take inspiration – and from the looks below, i’d be willing to change my views, even if just a few degrees…







→ source : the sartorialist

→ source : the gifts of life

→ source : le fashion

→ source : the sartorialist, again

→ source : the gifts of life, part II

→ source : atlantic pacific

*(newborns tend to have strangely fierce grips, so… there you go.)



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