“if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” // t. stoppard

as much as i’d like to make time stop at will – i’ve not quite managed that skill just yet. and though i’d like to say that the quickening pace of age hasn’t struck me dumb with terror, that too is not a skill i’ve mastered… just yet.

what i have managed to extract, after all these years is that it’s okay to get older, just as long as you keep yourself from wholly growing up – and when child’s play is as stylish as this, you’ll realize that it’s ‘never too late to have a happy childhood.’ and i’m going to hang on to that for as long as i can…







→ source : architectmade kristian vedel’s wooden chubby birdsy via huset

→ source : april showers by polder lotus bag in vanilla via scandinavian mall

→ source : zozio diamond top via thumbeline

→ source : secret man pillow in white via lucky boy sunday

→ source : april showers fluorescent pink kate necklace via my little square

→ source : pop up shop flamingoes swimsuit via sweet william


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