whilst away on holiday, it dawned on me, in the most abrupt manner, that the artificial light in my bathroom at home had betrayed me.

i knew that time had a way of creeping up on you, and that the youthful (?) pony-tail i wore on days off from washing my hair were exposing the handful of grays that had sprouted at my temples. yet, that was a nasty little trick – as i was not prepared for the brute shock of natural light.

that first morning i cringed with a combination of dread and confusion. how had i not noticed that i had gone sooooo gray? did i just dreamily believe that i suddenly grew highlights around my face? (sure, and i also somehow misplaced four dress sizes. try the cheesecake, i’ll be here all week.)

now, this in no way means i’ll forever cower from the mass/mess of curls that i like to wear on top of my head, but it does mean that the bigger the hair, the more likely you are to look at the top of it, as opposed to where it’s sprouting from. and that’s become my thing – trying for big, texas-sized hair, (minus the humidity). lacking for volume, i compensate by being slightly disheveled. and the best tool at my disposal is a tall can of wonder from oribe.

too-clean hair will never get you what you want, and oribe’s dry texturizing spray won’t cover your gray, but it will give it that little bit of grit you need to make it bigger, messier, just plumb better. the surest way to lead those off the gray-trail, should anyone be looking for it.




// dry texturizing spray : oribe


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