“be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” // oscar wilde

a dear friend asked me a question the other day – a simple question about whether i ever wore colour, (rarely, but i do look good in quite a few), that got me thinking about when it is that we become who are we – in style and in life. for me, it’s as clear as day, it was the summer of 1987.

that summer, for various reasons, i was forced to share a room with my older brother. his three years on me brought a certain sense of infallibility, a sense of cool, and the only boombox between us. (typing that out has rendered me so ancient, i have now turned to stone.) 

i was not, under any circumstances, to sully his cassette deck with my wheels of wham!, boy george, and most humiliatingly, bros. allowed and heartily lauded were the likes of the smiths, the cure, the specials, and most reverently, depeche mode.

the change didn’t take long –  i think it was done within a week. i won’t speak to the power of music, but i’d hazard a guess that we all have a moment in our lives when things suddenly have a bit of clarity to them, you find something that feels like it belongs to you and suddenly you’re just a little bit closer to being yourself. and that’s what happened. my mother of course, was perplexed and thoroughly annoyed, (although that could have had something to do with the stud my brother haphazardly stuck in his ear) – out went the pop-music clothes, (adieu naf naf, ton sur ton and benetton*) and hello! black leather doc martens, dark tights and bomber jackets.

my style has evolved, as it should over two decades, but the root of it is still there. a little left of centre, not a lot of colour, with enough accessories to ensure that a sense of humour must be involved. i always think back to that summer when i was eleven, and want to thank my brother for never allowing me to play my music – who knows how i would’ve turned out otherwise, for all i know, i could’ve been wearing yellow today…



Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again from Eisenheim on Vimeo.

*no link on earth would be able to show you the wonder of these 80s clothes, however i did LIVE in this very special rugby shirt – click the link, have a good laugh.


  • Buket

    love this post. i owned the same benetton shirt in green and thought I was the only person who revered naf naf. to this day, DM connects me back to a really amazing time in my life. i too was 11 when i discovered their music via my sister. i loved them so much that i performed a dance routine to ‘people are people’ in grade six in front of the entire school. god i wish there was video footage. thanks for taking me back.

  • misshoax

    buket – this pleases me so. i will forever adore them. are you going to the show in september?

  • Buket

    i very much want to. will try to get tickets. you?

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