not one to heed mme chanel’s advice – instead of taking one thing off before leaving the house, i always find that just one more bit of adornment, (usually clasped around my wrist), does the trick.

not new to the idea of an arm-party™ courtesy of the man repeller, (i think i was at that féte when leandra was roughly 13, she is young, and i am… less so), i just find that when your wardrobe feels as inspiring as a wrinkled, gray sheet, that when you wrap yourself up in a few glinty chains with rolled up sleeves of clattering bangles and bracelets – that sheet suddenly transforms itself into something just a bit more rousing – don’t you?









→ source : 360 yellow bangle via/by a peace treaty

→ source : icon pin via/by lulu frost

→ source : acacia necklace (you’ll sense a bit of repetition today…) via/by a peace treaty

→ source : prim & lust crystal bracelet via/by joomi lim

→ source : dreamscape necklace via/by lulu frost


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