my first tattoo, which i assumed would be my last, was a nondescript thing chosen from the wall at the tattoo parlour – it happened that way not because i lacked imagination, but because the act of getting the tattoo meant more to me than what was actually inked. i liked it, of course, but i enjoyed having it more. it felt like autonomy, independence; roughly speaking – adulthood. i was 18.

of course, it wasn’t much of an adulthood as i chose to never reveal it to my mother, and then plum forgot about; as it was on the lower part of my left hip it was easy to conceal. the secret slipped, without an ounce of thought, whilst in the middle of labour with my daughter. it was the absolute least of anyone’s worries – and at that point, i was obviously an adult. the tattoo, at that point had gone through quite the transformation, from a three-pointed tribal something, to a stretched out and even more undistinguishable… blob. i cared about it, not a bit. it is a battle scar, an oddly shaped, laughable battle scar.

a year or so after my daughter was born, i had a sparrow in flight, with a little girl riding atop of it with the cyrillic word for sparrow underneath it, tattooed on my right wrist –  for her. and this one, of course, means infinitely more than the one chosen at random. now, i think i’d like another on my left, somewhat lonelier wrist. something small and delicate – one that would definitely include a star, (because i love them, no matter how trite they are), and a possible quote from an e.e. cummings poem. perhaps i’m a bit late to start experimenting with body-art (again), but if i’m not going to do it now, then when?*









→ source : wee eiffel tower via tattoologist

→ source : handwritten children’s names via betsy dunlap

→ source : shoulder poem via a cup of jo

→ source : dandelions & birds via the panda wears prada

→ source : my wrist, hi.

*ask my mum, and she’d say “never!”. ha.

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  • peter flaschner

    Never too late. Krista has the exact same dandelion-into-birds photos pinned to her wall. It’s her next present to herself

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