i’ve never really believed in delicate.

i took ballet for years and never once did i feel the presence of grace. rather, it was the hard knock of my pointe shoes on wooden floors that served as a constant reminder that i’d rather eat a pavlova than dance like one.

i’ve never been one with the art of subtlety – i’ve always appreciated it with others, but never really felt that my short (and stout – i’m a teapot!) frame would allow for it. earrings, before the time of studs-only, were black hula-hoops, necklaces were forever adorned with large pendants, and the rings, well, you’d have to beware of a black eye if the hug i was giving you was a surprise.

the surprise now, is that i’m loving these slight and ever-so delicate rings – for myself. i never thought i’d see the day, but stack a few of these wisps of gold and silver on, and suddenly, you’re feeling like you could be the next sugar-plum fairy.














→ source : mini hex ring by/via mociun

→ source : mandrel studio white gold and black diamond band via twist online

→ source : darkside of the moon ring by/via catbird

→ source : made her think rhodium jaws of life ring via bona drag

→ source : stacked sapphire ring by/via mociun


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