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“summer has set in with its usual severity.” // s.t. coleridge

you’d think that in the first week that we’ve seen temperatures hover close to 30°C, my topic of choice wouldn’t be oil – but then that would just mean we haven’t actually met, IRL. oh no, there’s not much else i like to talk/whine/complain about once the heat sets in – it’s either this, or how frizzy my hair is, and i’m fairly certain i’ll type about that again very soon.

but for now, let’s concentrate on the one thing you’d think someone with skin like mine would never do. and that’s to add even more oil to it. i know, i’m about three years late to this game, but these facial oils just didn’t scan. i could understand them for parched skin, older skin, but not for my glossy (ahem), coating. but here we are, and i’ve been turned around. i’m utterly confused, but this face hasn’t come in contact with a blotting paper in a week, and that’s been practically unheard of since the spring of 1989*.







Gesichtsöl USA; Normalizing Day Oil USA


→ source : fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil via shu uemura

→ source : replenishing nutrient complex via tata harper

→ source : facial treatment cleansing oil via sk-II

→ source : normalizing day oil via dr. hauschka

* i don’t want to talk about it.


☆ // a lovely weekend to you all…

“the eye should learn to listen before it looks.” // robert frank

my eye is immediately drawn to the monochrome of black & white. it’s simple : there’s nothing more appealing.





→ source : mobiliawoonstudio

→ source : sunshine & pearls

→ source : take over time

→ source : they all hate us

“to go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.” // j. moreau

it’s a bit odd, and perhaps not a little bit ironic that the majority of my current favourites happen to evoke the beach, when there are few things i like less.

you can go ahead and feign shock and awe about that last statement, but don’t misunderstand: the beach is amazing and gorgeous – (a sight to behold! smells great!) i just don’t like lounging around on them, or wading waist deep into open bodies of water. (issues, let us not get ourselves too deeply into them).

bottle up those things that go along with the beach-life however, like an icy pina colada, salt water and a swift ocean breeze, and i’m sold. it’s the sand that makes your skin feel great, the sea that washes away city grime, and the salt that makes your hair look amazing. i suppose i’m just the type that would rather buy the beach, than visit it.


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.45.57 PM


→ source : bumble & bumble surf foam wash and surf creme rinse conditioner via bumble & bumble or, shipping to canada – bath and unwind

→ source : swedish dream seaweed soap via anthropologie and in toronto at jacob & sebastian

→ source : sel marin eau de parfum by heeley via lucky scent

“luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” // c. chanel

it’s at this time of year that i become very aware of my… person.

the warmer it gets, the more solid my hair feels against my neck, the heavier my bracelets weigh on my wrists; and the stickier the leather of my grandiose shoulder bag gets. the straps dig in to shoulders due to thin tees, sides clammy and sticking to the dark black carryall.

i’ve had enough. and it’s early yet. so, i’m looking for something a little less cumbersome, a little less leathery, a bit more colorful… maybe. the options, they are endless – but the summer is long and i will triumph in my need for comfort.





→ source : b-sailor in red canvas tote via becksöndergaard

→ source : jacques multi-colour linen tote via jérôme dreyfuss

→ source : little shaver clutch in deep blue via meredith wendell

→ source : jil sander navy shoulder bag via yoox


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