“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” // l. da vinci

i’ve forever averred that i was a simple girl – that it doesn’t take much to please me. because of this, i never really thought myself to be particularly sophisticated – well-read to be sure, cultured perhaps, but sophisticated? non. yet, i’ll take it from leo, and allow that i’m also very sophisticated.

i say this only because i find pleasure in the simplest of things. i’ll take a tulip over a rose, and a straight line over flounce with 100% predictability. get me a burger instead foie gras, and a jersey dress lest i rumple those silks.

but more than that – it’s just that i can also find great joy in something as uncomplicated as a hook. and i do. such joy in fact, that there’s nothing else that i’m wanting right at this minute, than these clever little things to be hung up on a wall in my hallway…



→ source : the dots (coat hooks) by lars tornøe via muuto


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