“the cool thing about being famous is traveling. i have always wanted to travel across seas, like to canada and stuff.” // b. spears

okay – it was a cheap shot, but all things considered, either you don’t know where we are, or you’d like to think we all speak like bob and doug mckenzie. truth be known, we’re not all on about hockey, beer and lumberjacks. so, in honour of the first long weekend of the canadian summer, i’d like to think that for the most part, the majority of us are pretty damn crackerjack instead.





→ source : triangle waxed linen pouch via bookhou

→ source : spring/summer 2013 look 16 via jeremy laing

→ source : light merino wool owl shawl via virginia johnson

→ source : teal leather pouch via falconwright

☆ // have a delightful weekend…


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