“just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.” // lemony snicket

this has never been clearer to me than when looking for a pair of shoes.

i just have a certain walkers-block with them. take, for example, the selection of shoes i’ve recently procured for myself for these upcoming summer months:


no – you’re not seeing things. what you see before you is actually three pairs of black shoes – two of which are trainers. trust me, i can hardly contain my own excitement. shoes give me a certain angst; it’s probably akin to what most women feel like when trying on swimsuits. (i wouldn’t know, since i haven’t purchased a new one since the victoria’s secret swimsuit disaster of 2005.)

footwear confounds and baffles me – what i’d like to wear ends up being either too expensive, or is unable to accomodate my flinstone-ian feet. or, as is usually the case, i find them wholly mystifying as the following examples distinctly prove – but, i mean, there’s got to be an audience for them, even if i’m not (even close) to being it… right?




→ source : acne salma high black boots (or are they sandals? who knows? i… do not.) via acne studios

→ source : bolshie lace up boot in chips via solestruck

→ source : ktz black leather carved sole platform sneakers via ssense (i have no words.)


  • Adrienne Goggins

    so you decided to go for the chucks *and* the supergas! how are the latter, and where did you buy them? i’m considering a pair for myself, of course…

  • misshoax

    i did. i need options. i bought the supergas online – but, i believe gravity pope at ossington/queen have them. they’re super comfortable.

  • Adrienne Goggins

    good to know! they have supergas at capezio too, and only $70. i may have to swing by there one of these days 😉

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