“i love bright red drinks, don’t you? they taste twice as good as any other color.” // l.m. montgomery

much like every other woman, (and i’m fairly certain each man and child too), on hot summer days i used to love the chilly sweetness of a cherry popsicle. i adored the frosty crunch and the cerise hue it stained my lips – and those childhood summers were pretty much the only time i liked to paint my mouth red.

there was, admittedly, a moment of gothy maroon in my 16th and 17th years, but nude has pretty much been the aim since then. yet, there are the once-in-a-blue moon moments however, where red beckons.

and so it was yesterday morning – too gray, the rain too torrential and the air too muggy to attempt a cat-flick and a mass of freshly washed curls. so up the hair went, a brush of mascara to the lashes; and with a sweep of carmine, off i went. and though it was a departure from my usual look, it still felt like me, i was just bringing a bit of colour through the clouds.





→ source : rich lip color in crimson via bobbi brown cosmetics

→ source : lip tar in black dahlia via obsessive compulsive cosmetics

→ source : rouge allure in pirate via chanel

→ source : lips in hazard via topshop


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