“i love sleep. my life has the tendency to fall apart when i’m awake, you know?” // e. hemingway

i never had much interest in what i slept in – at least, not much interest in my bedclothes*.

sheets, duvets and pillow-shams (oh my!), never meant much to me – until that is, i started missing out on sleep. i’m sure i don’t need to go on at any sort of length about how one loses out on sleep once they become a parent, but suffice it to say – i’ve been pretty dozy since the summer of 2009.

and now, the more i miss my bed the more i seem to long after inviting, cozy sheets. the more graphic and geometric, the more i like them, (and the better to cover up all the dog fur).

now, sing me a lullaby – i’m just going to put my head down for a moment.





*what a great, underused and antiquated word.

→ source : s & b minimal collection in syrup via hay shop

→ source : cube bed linen in mint via normann copenhagen

→ source : kivet bedding via marimekko

→ source : shapes navy + pastel via unison


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